An example of .Reality as its shown in The 7venth Reality.

The Nexiumadris, AKA .Reality, AKA Nexia is an infinite strand of existences, It was based off of the blueprints by Malek, established by Redgrave, and created by the Persophelums, supervised by Persophelus Clubs.


When humans were set aside from the war, the Dekn attempted to protect humanity from the Arkn's advances into enslaving them. To do this, four Dekn Lords decided to create an infinitely expanding realm of life for them, always growing and changing. The idea was first established by Malek, who had created the Nexellium as a blueprint for .reality. The idea of the creators was that they needed to digitize existence by reestablishing the essence of life into a variant that controlled under a state of ever expanding timelines multiplying from errors. Persophelus Vine seconded the idea, who acted as the group's spectator, and Persophelus Redgrave took the task upon himself to complete it. The deed was completed and humanity was moved into its own reality, aptly named .Reality. The purpose of .Reality was to protect humans and keep them from ever being fully destroyed by duplicating each timeline infinitely.


.Reality is another term for a realm known as the Nexiumadris. Each Reality appears as translucent floating orbs, filled with red grids and timelines. Realities are essentially cross stitched timelines within an orb. These are known as Cores. Each Core is floating around in The Klasym, an open and infinite void of light. Underneath the Klasym, is an ever expanding, bleeding desert, known as The Sands of Nexia.


The Cores of .Reality function using vein-like extensions that connect to each timeline's central core, and operate under Sethian code (improvised using a form of mock Russian). This code makes itself present during errors or rewrites.

The Nexiumadris is mainly operated/run by Lurkers, reality-weaving creatures. In addition, the police of .Reality are known as Sethe. These creatures act as drones and enter the reality cores to prevent errors. A large portion of these Sethe are controlled by Asmodeus, and known as Skethe.


Tobias Kestler enters a '.Relapse' due to an extended period of not taking KRONOS' pills correctly.

In addition, a phenomenon can occur in which an individual can experience a direct link to .Reality, causing what is known as a ".relapse". During this event, the individual can experience teleportation to astral realms, teleportation through time, or view imagery from memory such as cartoons or movies. In some very rare cases, the individual may see actual text in their sight, or have an out of body experience. .Relapses are known to occur when an individual errors or experiences an error.


Because of the usage of unfiltered nexian hexx, a generic .reality code will undergo random to stationary breaks when making itself present during an error or a malfunction.





Generic codes will be seen through random sethian speak or gibberish.

Other .reality cores

One of the corresponding cores of reality is seen through a system known as Cldnn, "Cloud9".