Czarvis Log: 01

|| We have hijacked the Exodalis and are on-route to the Nexian Ambri-center. So far my crew consists of con-man and convicted thief; David Shepard, scientist and best friend Bismuth Ke'kstein, and myself, Captain Ishmael Czarvis.

|| Current situation- we have entered the klasym after repeated and heavy fire from M.E.E.C officials. Shepard was hit in the escape, but not damaged beyond Ke'kstein's healing capabilities.

|| The Exodalis is equipped with Se*hian tech that will allow us to survive in the coming weeks, but broadcast of this log may be lost in the depths of .reality's system. I do not know who will read it, but if someone is, stay strong. We have reports that .reality is becoming unstable and something may be corrupting it from out of time. No real proof has presented itself, but my crew and I have hijacked the M.E.E.C Klasym vessel Exodalis and are headed to the nearest orb.