Acryfromwinter, also referred to as ACFW, is the establishing series in The Winter Saga and one of the main stories in the Arknthology. It follows the main protagonist Alex Winter as he dives down the rabbit hole into a world of madness and chaos.

It currently takes place in Timeline X.


The Plot

Timeline A

The series begins with Alex in a session with his therapist, Dr. Ellis, as he records the experience. Here we get a little back story into the character, as well as establishing that he needs to see this therapist at least once a week. The following few videos give us a more in depth look into his life and the mental issues he's going through.

In the episode "another session" we get our first look at the hallucinations Alex sees and we get a glimpse as to why he's taking medication. As the series progresses, we're introduced to these things as Lurkers and we learn that they're in fact very much real.

Enter James, Alex's best friend. James is tasked by Ellis originally to keep an eye out for Alex, and to make sure that he isn't doing anything drastic or strange with his time outside of therapy (as Alex has only been released from institutionalization for a short period of time).

This, of course, is necessary after the events of the episode "biding the time", where Alex walks out of the woods, after driving himself there, bloodied. Following this event we are introduced to one of the other series antagonist entities, "M", as Alex is left a package with a camera on it from a mystery sender signing as "M" (along with a symbol that is now the logo of the channel). After, Alex begins to do some research on things and tries to learn more about this M. It's here that James and Alex are hanging out one night before Halloween and Alex is teleported to a realm where he meets with the supposed M. After which he is brought back to his original reality where James had no idea he was gone.

Departed 1

Alex learns of a 3 circle symbol, The Travelers Call, that can transport an individual user from one reality to another. It's with this information he discloses to James that he is going to attempt using it the way he saw (canonically) Brian from Knight Panes use it. James, while uncomfortable with this decision, agrees to go along with it anyway, as any good friend would. The episode ends with Alex successfully using the Call.

Departed 2

The video picks up with Alex still in James's kitchen with the lights off. As he turns them on, he realizes James is gone, assuming it was a prank of some kind he goes looking for him when he emerges from outside. Freaked out, James starts yelling at Alex telling him he shouldn't be there. Alex tries explaining himself to James, calling out the joke, when James walks out of his bedroom with a gun and informs Alex to sit down while he calls the police. James explains that Alex should be in an institute and that the police are going to be looking for him. Alex, obviously confused, shows James his ID and some proof of who he is and James, also confused, accepts that this is a different Alex than whatever Alex he knew.

Timeline B

Timeline B is a strand of reality in which Alex had killed his parents and is spending his life in an institute awaiting execution. The Wonderland Killer is not existent in this reality as it is actually Alex. His siblings, Elizabeth and Michaelis, had lived their own lives without him while everyone moved on.

The series picks up with Alex arriving at James's door, stabbed in the chest and bleeding out onto his driveway. James brings him inside and provides an update with whats happening and how weird everything is for them while Alex wakes up in his bed and explains that he doesn't remember what had happened to him. Alex then finds himself back at home, leaving James to discover this world he does not know. While there he is left messages from an unknown source, assumed to be our M entity in the video ( like pieces to a puzzle).

The episode "Time starts for no man" has Alex receiving yet another package from M, but this time with trademark orange duct tape. The package is a clock; Alex is confused, and explains his anger and confusion towards getting all these packages and messages from this unknown M.