Aertin is the language formed by direct Ersian (human languages) translation into Evarith (Arkn speak). Words translated into Aertin tend to be longer then speaking direct Evarith, and the action has been referred to by the Arkn as "Slackrith". For every three Ersian letters, an apostrophe is added to allow the speaker (not writer in this case) to take a breath. This causes many short english words to look absurdly long in Aertin translation.

In addition, every Aertin letter begins capital to differentiate between letters.

A: Au
B: Bet
C: Cau
D: Dah
E: Ew
F: Fee
G: Geu
H: Hec
I: eet
J: jas
K: Ko
L: Lu
M: Mal
N: Nat
O: Os
P: Pal
Q: Kwe
R: Ral
S: Suo
T: To
U: Ul
V: Vec
W: Wes
X: Xen
Y: Yat
Z: Zal

Here is a handy tool for fast translation (be sure to put the apostrophe every third letter!)