Alex Winter
Alex as he appears in the "acryfrominter" video, False Advertisement.
Vital statistics
Name Alexander Winter
Race Human embodiment of Uriel, Hethian Scrolls of Creation
Alignment Neutral
Status Dead
Appearances AcryfromWinter; lunarscrimson
Realm .Reality
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Azrael Michaelis Winter - Brother

Elizabeth Winter - Sister

Marcus Winter - Father (Deceased)

Mary Winter - Mother (Deceased)


Alex Winter is the main protagonist of A Cry From Winter.

Personality & Background

Due to the fact that he is the sole survivor of the Winter Family Massacre, he suffers from multiple disorders including major anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder. The massacre of his family remains an unsolved case with no leads to this day aside from the possibility of a known serial killer being the cause of the murders. He has an alternate in Timeline B who is on death row, due to the fact that that Alex was charged with the murder of his family.


Timeline A

Alex Winter, a problematic man suffering from multiple disorders and his family's death by the hands of a serial killer, finds himself in a live or die situation when supernatural entities connected to Dr. Ellis's medication began to stalk him. Leaving his tragic past behind, he tries to figure out what is going on with the help of his best friend, James.

Timeline B

Alex was eventually transported to another reality where he was found guilty and sent to death row instead of staying with his enigmatic therapist, Dr. Ellis. At the first James was confused with the whole dimension-travelling and two Alex Winter, however, realising the danger he is in, the alternate James decided to help his new friend. Now Alex and James must deal with LongNose and the rest of The Negatives.


In time, it was revealed that every timeline we witnessed so far was a fabrication created by Uriel as part of his punishment in the Infernous. At the end of Season 3, "Alex" addresses the audience for the first time, revealing that he is really Uriel, and that he has been aware (and in control) of his situation the entire time. Uriel then leaves the Infernous, exiting into Timeline A (where he will meet with the real Alex Winter "Prime" and begin on the path towards convergence.


Alex Winter was created by Uriel in order to house and protect the Hethian Scrolls of Creation. His fate was sealed when he split convergence with Uriel and awakened his true form as the Creation Scrolls, eliminating his vessel to give way to the base of creation for the new universe, Universe X, destroying him in a heroic sacrifice.