Alexander Tamil
Alexander Tamil as he appears in command.set//eyelight:issue_view.footage in THE GROVE.
Vital statistics
Name Alexander Tamil
Race Dekn
Alignment Dekn
Status Deceased
Appearances THE GROVE; Handprints of the Dead
Realm Unknown
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown

Alexander Tamil is the name given to a human that has a Dekn guardian.

The Reality Branch

Alexander is a supposed killer in The Reality Branch who is said to use high-grade hallucinogens to create terror in his victims. One of his most commonly used hallucinogens was engineered by an unknown partner, and causes victims to see him as a gigantic, spider-like humanoid with a tall, slender build, and no facial features. It is highly assumed through various dialogues that the Hooks Killer has worked with, or helped Alexander with his killings, especially shown in the data from Case One.

The Arknthology Canon (As Described in Cedric's Logs)

"De’rgro’smn was one of the few Dekn that prided itself in interaction with the husks. I for one never saw the point save for a few of the important ones, but I digress. Bearing a nice black suit had little to no effect on the husks due to its choice of showing up sans visage. With thin, long appendages and frame, the husks referred to it by many names, none of which are important to me. What really caused the stir was how De’rgro’smn interacted with the husks.

It started very slow, conjuring stories and legends of itself on the the internet, but then, De’rgro’smn began appearing to husks personally. Even going so far as to interfere with the important ones, De’rgro’smn was looked down upon and eventually sentenced to punishment.

The punishment: endless death. There exists something, a force that changes the outcome of a husk’s life by expunging errors and censoring interaction with the Arkn. It acts as a branch of reality. De’rgro’smn has a presence and will always have a presence in each branch of this reality, however, the punishment calls for its death. In every branch, De’rgro’smn will die, at random, and it does not matter how, when, or where. It chooses to leave in legacy followers corrupted by De’rgro’smn’s teachings. They have no name to us, but the husks aware of them have assigned various names."'