I've had to come to accept that I will never stand among the other Arknangels as a equal, because I will never be. I was destined to lead- but never to be on the battlefield.

I was destined to be a protector, a kind heart and a guiding hand. To exact my fate bathed in silver. I was to move forward and restore- bring balance to a broken world.

— Ambriel'lahabr'ea

Ambriel, formerly known as Lahabrea, is the former Arkn High Muse of Radiance, Song and Empathy. After the corruption and truth of the Arkn government was revealed, she left Paradisium, living on Earth for two years before being captured by The Carver and imprisoned in The Infernous. She was revealed to be the fifth ArknAngel by Azrael Michaelis Winter

Ambriel is the daughter of Kry'atha and Jos'sephine, and the granddaughter of Raziel



Ambriel was born in an illicit union between Kry'atha and Raziel's daughter, Jos’sephine. After her existence was revealed, Jos'sephine was sentenced to execution by the Arkn Council; Raziel found the child, and took it to be fostered by a powerful Noble Magi family. This proved to be ineffective, as the Intoner, Zophiel, was manipulated by The Carver to attack the family, killing them and taking the infant Ambriel into the Choir. From there a contingency plan created by Raziel went into effect. Working with Uriel's support, he got in touch with her, eventually revealing the truth of her past and the truth of the Paradisium to her. 


Ambriel's Hethian blood grants her massive power. Her power comes from Gar'sha, and grants her the power of life, in the form of power over plant-life. The most notable use of this was when she used it unconsciously to cause a tree to grow during her fight with Zophiel in Book of the Mother.

Her relation to Raziel gives her superior magickal potential: she is Raziel's counterpart, representing the power and primality of magick (compared to Raziel's monitored and balanced approach).

Despite possessing powerful Hethian Magick, Ambriel is the weakest of the Arkanza, and lacks many of the skills known by Arkn, such as Telekinesis, Teleporting, and Shadow Control.


Ambriel's most striking feature by far is her wings, which are very large in comparison to other Ark. They are brown with cream colored primaries.  

Ambriel is large-figured and short in stature, with bright blue eyes. Her hair is dark-colored and was formerly long and gold-tipped. When she fled the Paradisium, Raphael cut her hair short in order to disguise her. She often dresses in gold, white, and scarlet.