Arie'exel, or Arix, is a defected Dekn who appears in The Writings of Raziel. Formerly the Dekn Lord of Hatred and Solitude (and an operative of The Carver), he made his home on Earth among human settlers in 18th century New England. He was a close friend of (and may have become romantically involved with) Raziel.

Arix is the brother of Reyn, the Dekn of Temptation.



Arie'exel was once the Dekn of Hatred and Solitude. He and his sister Reyn, the Dekn of Temptation, worked as a team, often visiting earth to instigate war, terror and misery among the humans. Arix would fuel their hatred and cause conflict, while Reyn used her feminine wiles to manipulate men and turn them against each other. The two enjoyed seeing the pain in the eyes of humans when they recognized their own faults and failings   

On their last mission, Arix and Reyn were sent by The Carver to a small settlement on the coast of France to instigate a conflict in a family that would lead to an act of arson; the family needed to be wiped out in order to prevent the birth of a child whose ancestor, Gabriel Holden, would become "an abomination of all races in existence". While Reyn seduced the family patriarch (in the form of the man's own sister), Arix investigated the home and discovered, much to his shock, that the child had already been born. After gazing into the baby's eyes and finding only joy and love (even though he was in his hideous Dekn form at the time), Arix realized that he couldn't go through with the mission.

Reyn discovered his treachery and tried to stop him, but Arix escaped out a window, setting fire to the cabin as he fled. The infant was left in the care of Céline and Geoffroy Holdén in a small settlement North of Paris. Arix, now a defector, spent the next 50 years on the run from both the Dekn Guard and his own sister (who was left scarred to the bone from the fire). He tried to make a quiet life for himself among humans, renouncing his Dekn identity and his former violent ways.

The Writings of Raziel

Nearly a millenium after the sentencing of Azazel, Raziel left the Golden City for Earth. Disenfranchised with his people, he sought solitude among humans in 18th-century New England. It was here that he met Arix. While Arix was wearing a human disguise, Raziel recognized that he was a Dekn due to his unusual eye color, trailing shadow, and a facial scar (which could only be the work of an Arkn blade).

Initially, Arix wanted nothing to do with Raziel, calling him out for his arrogance and becoming enraged when Raziel called him "Dekn". When Raziel persisted, Arix attacked him, and was shocked when he refused to fight back or defend himself. Raziel was left unconscious from their fight; Arix tended to his wounds until he woke up. He offered to let Raziel stay in his home, and the two gradually began to trust one another. They formed a close friendship, and ultimately spent five years living together in a cabin on the edge of the settlement (in something akin to a domestic partnership).

Arix's fate is unknown. However, Raziel states that due to being the Arkn of Tragedy, he visited that same fate upon Arix.