Universe X Arkn are humans evolved through mutation via Ethri. They are able to channel this Ethri present in their blood and charge it, a process known as Ethrial Manipulation. Arkn are the only beings able to channel Ethri, and because of this, they are able to use sigils and other Ethric advances easier than the Dekn. Their homerealm is known as the Empyrium and is ruled by the Thani, and their Eldrici, an Arkn known as Eldrici Lazros.


Arkn from Universe X are evolved Humans from the Origin Seed, just like the Dekn. After a massive cataclysm to Ersis caused by the arrival of something deep within the Lathrym, connection to the Silulis tore open momentarily and seeped in traces of Ethri into the Origin Seed's populace, mutating the populace into a race of proto-Arkn. Slowly but surely, the aftershock waves managed to push the Origin Seed through the Siluls until it eventually was pushed out into the other side, ending up in the Lathrym, from here, the Seed split, causing a portion of it to become detached, and bubbled by the Silulis as it healed its tears. This created the subrealm later known as the Empyrium, along with the subrealm where the Dekn originate from, the Elevrium. The populace evolving in the Empyrium evolved with new languages and culture, as opposed to the Dekn who came much later, having already been evolving from humans who had left Ersis.

Ethric Abilities

Arkn within Universe X are able to channel the Ethri in their blood to charge sigils, and create auras. Below is a list of abilities that come natural to a full blooded Arkn. (Note: These abilities are not all accessible to half-breeds of Arkn blood.)

  • Arkn can produce an Aura by channeling their Ethri, these Auras can;
  1. Be used in the Lathrym only to act as a method of Flight, creating wing like manifestations.
  2. Be used as a very limited third appendage that can lift or move objects to the extent of the user's strength.
  3. Be channeled into a force that can be shot from a sigil similar to an ethric Harpoon.
  • Arkn channeling their Ethri raw can;
  1. Restore lost cells on a wound to an extent. (Limbs can't be regrown)
  2. Create a heat hot enough to burn something by focusing, condensing, and generating friction using the Aura.
  3. Create a form of bright light by charging one's Ethri to an extent, this can cause the aura to show off a color on the visible spectrum.


Arkn within Universe X have developed to a point where they do not specifically need to develop much further. Holds in the Empyrium differ when it comes to what they specifically need to get by. For example, the mountainous cities within Mistria run off of steampunk styled technology, utilizing various metals similar to brass and coppers along with Ethric steam from Mortavrest to power utilities. In addition, Arkn have also developed to the point of having vehicles, but still use medieval weaponry like swords and spears while maintaining other basic firearm assets like flintlocks or revolvers, with the most advanced being styled like a gatling gun.


Arkn possess the biology of humans, up until the mutations from the Ethri evolution come into play. This mutation affected the Appendix, allowing it to channel Ethri into the blood stream. From there, new veins evolved to carry the channeled Ethri into places where blood flowed, and muscles, this is why to charge one's Ethri, the clenching of muscles and tightening of the body is required momentarily. In addition to that, the flow of Ethri strengthens bones and affects the immune system, causing Arkn to be immune to most all diseases, except AIDS.


Alongside those changes, Arkn from Universe X reproduce the same way humans do, and because of that, can reproduce with humans. This can cause the offspring to be a half-breed of an Arkn or Human, known universally through slang as a Hurn.

Half-breeds, or Hurn, only possess the ability of Raw Ethric charging and can not channel an aura without the use of Rethycs.