Arkn Legacy kicked off a new universe for creators to explore and create in, and with it, new stories have been developed. These stories range from Webseries, Blogs, Interactive Tumblrs, and even Audios and a Motion Comic.


The first of the stories to be created was Malachi X. This story revolves around one of the main characters in lore, a final tier Risen named Malachi. Primarily the story is featured on Tumblr through an interactive blog, but there is a webseries aspect that will have Malachi showing off some of his collected and modified Relics. Alongside this, Malachi's best friend, another top tier Risen named Ryael,

has their own blog on Tumblr where the two interact as Ryael's story unfolds.

Ryael's and Malachi's stories have come to be intertwined with the tale of Franz Faust, a half-breed Arkn scholar who desperately wants to carry on the legacy of his famous ancestor Gavreel Irinith and goes on a journey to do just that.. along with much more.

Parallel to this, the story of a half-breed Dekn develops following Cairon as he learns about his budding powers, and meets new friends along the way of his journey. This story introduces many concepts of Half-Breeds, but mainly deals with the introduction of a major playing point in Universe X's Ersis realm, known as Bloodflags. Alongside Cairon, another Half-Breed roams Ersis with a story, yet this one is mysterious, and strange. With an undetermined bloodline, Vincent Graves is learning about his powers, and purpose, along with a possible connection to Universe X's most powerful beings; the Hethe.

While these stories are happening, another one is taking place. This is the story of Juno and Mari. Juno is a Final-Tier Risen, working on his dreams of becoming an Astronaut like his father. But when his memories begin to come back, his friend steps in to try to save him.