Now, what do you think Gabriel is to you? He's off with Raziel, that guy you've been watching the videos about, he's off with that Arkn! He knows I'm coming for you, and he left you here! He left you here to die!! What's wrong Caden!? Are you scared!?
— Azazel to Caden Grey.

Azazel is a Dekn Lord, and a recurring character in The Mayhem Theory.



Azazel was created in a magick ritual by the Arknmagus Raziel. The ritual was intended to rid Raziel of his madness and his evil, murderous tendencies; because energy cannot be destroyed, he molded it into the form of an Arkn, whom he named Azazel. Raziel taught him to use his powers for the opposite of their intent (using the power of darkness to create light, using the power of madness to create peace, etc).

Azazel was among the best of the Arkn. He went on to become an Arkn Lord and apprentice to Raziel. He was chosen to lead The Watchers, a group of Arkn who had been picked to observe over humanity. However Azazel, along with other Watchers such as Asmodeus, found human women beautiful and mated with them. As a result, these women gave birth to half-human children, known as The Nephilim, who wandered the Earth such as normal humans would.

That was when the Dekn Emperor of the time, The Carver, informed the Arkn aristocracy of the events unfolding in the humanity’s reality. The Carver informed the Arkn that if the information gathering party of Arkn where not returned to The Golden City, and the Nephilim destroyed, war would ensue. As 176 Watchers were executed, Azazel and Asmodeus managed to hide out within the brinks of humanity and watch the events of the mass execution ensue.

Azazel was captured and was sentenced by the Arkn Cabinet to be imprisoned in a desert by Raphael, bound and sealed in a canyon formed by Raziel, where he would be shut for all of eternity.

The Mayhem Theory

Azazel returns and instills fear into Caden Grey, appearing as the form of a wounded Gabriel Holden. Azazel claims that Raziel had left him there to die before he attacks him.

The Writings of Raziel

In The Writings of Raziel (_12), Raziel reveals Azazel's past history. He speculates that Azazel's ultimate goal is to re-merge with him, becoming one being.