I'm tired. Every time I get somewhere in life, every time... Something is taken away from me.
— Azrael Michaelis Winter

Michaelis Winter, AKA Azrael, is a main protagonist in The Arknthology Storyline. He is the Arknangel of Redemption and Salvation, and one of the four Arknza (Paradox Players) of prophecy.



Michaelis Spades was the youngest child of Marcus and Mary Winter. From a young age, he and his brother, Alex, could both hear the voices of the Arkn and the Dekn. Alex, who was highly troubled, claimed he saw visions of monstrous creatures; he often spent time alone in his room, talking to himself.

Michaelis grew up in a foster home after his parents were murdered; he believed that his brother, Alex, was the killer. After the death of his family, Michaelis became severely depressed. At one point, he contemplated suicide, attempting to walk into traffic; however, the voice of his Guardian, Ellpagg, instructed him to stop, telling him that he served a greater purpose.

While he grew up without any friends, Michaelis did meet and develop a love interest in a boy named Mark. In time, he started seeing a therapist by the name of Dr. Kestler, who had him start recording logs of his dreams as part of his therapy.

At some point in his early life, Michaelis became attached to a being known as Xerex Storn, who intended to use his body as a vessel. Xerex began taking over Michaelis's body, and apparently murdered Mark during one of these sessions (as he had plans for Michaelis, and considered romantic affections to be a distraction).

On the day his timeline underwent its apocalypse, Michaelis allegedly had a confrontation with his brother, Alex (who was apparently threatening to kill their sister, Elizabeth). What happened next is uncertain; however, it is known that he and Alex shot one another, and that at the moment the bullet struck Michaelis, their timeline died. Michaelis found himself in the void outside his broken timeline, where he encountered both Ellpagg and Xerex. Xerex attempted to seize control of Michaelis's body; however, Michaelis's data was able to fight back and overcome the being.

After Michaelis and Xerex converged, Ellpagg, his mentor, took him back to before the start of existence. Michaelis was sequestered in a lighthouse-like tower, where he was left to witness history of the Arkn unfolding (while undergoing training and occasionally running missions for Ellpagg). During this time, he Ellpagg, who granted him the Arkn name Azrael (which had previously belonged to another Arknza). Eventually, he emerged from his tower and began interacting with other beings. He began using his powers to enter the Infernous and free Arkn and Dekn (and some humans) who had overstayed their time in the realm.

Michael's Camera

Azrael was first revealed on the eve of May 15th, taking over the body of Michael Knight. On the day of the event itself, he took the place of Michael in front of The Carver; claiming to be a "Fallen Hethe", he proceeded to shoot The Carver's vessel, Luke Anton, causing The Carver to be pushed back into the Infernous. Shortly after this, he took over Michael briefly, preventing him from killing Gabriel Holden and convincing Gabriel to accept Raziel; he then departed from him. Following this, Azrael's next appearance was right after Michael's second relapse, turning up to rescue Michael from the Infernous (after he was murdered by The Hooks Killer). During this appearance, Azrael was revealed to be a version of Michael Knight from an alternate reality, and the Arknangel of Redemption and Salvation. He was also revealed to be in possession of a Brosalvic orb.

After Michael is taken by the Carver as a vessel, Azrael takes the camera and proceeds to attempt to continue what Michael was doing. After failing to hunt down Crow and getting stabbed, he ends up in the Infernous, where he meets Tourguide Michael, a variant of Michael with a rabbit mask, and a Michael seemingly glued to the toilet. Afterwards, he encounters the Carver, who proceeds to beat the living shit out of Azrael in order to deliver the message that he is coming back, and nobody will be able to stop him. Afterwards, Azrael is let out and attempts to get Raziel and Uriel's help with the situation, but finds they are busy.

Later, Azrael learns from Raphael that Tobias has been killed and is in the Infernous so he makes a deal to let Xerex out if he can go in and save Toby. After going in, Azrael encounters Ambriel and pulls her out, but loses the rest of his power when pulling Tobias out because of this. Here, Azrael is tormented personally by the Carver, and is broken mentally, to the point of killing Michael Knight. Following this, after ranting and raving for a bit, Azrael decides to put down Michael's camera and go rescue the Michaels he encountered in the Infernous, starting with the Tourguide. He is last seen summoning a set of armor created from fragments of Ellpagg's clothing (and his own) and walking away.

Solar's Crimson

When we meet Azrael again in Solar's Crimson, he has become trapped in the Infernous. Despite his earlier plans to rescue the deceased Michaels, he has become ensnared, due to a combination of PTSD and the power of the Infernous; he has seemingly forgotten his life as an Arknangel, believing himself to still be the human Michaelis Winter. Throughout this time, he is haunted by "Spooky Michael".

Battle of the Arknza



When armored, Azrael dresses in a Wild West-style ensemble -- a tribute to both Edgar Kharon and King Uriel, who sometimes dressed like a cowboy -- with a black vest (sometimes in leather), black dress pants, and a white dress shirt. The vest is buttoned, but the white shirt seems to be lazily put on, with the collar never in place. In addition to this, Azrael's right arm seems to always be either damaged, bandaged, or covered up. Aside from the arm-wear, Azrael often wears the combination of a Lurker's mask and a cowboy hat for unknown reasons when going into battle.

When casually dressed, he sports the black and gray hoody-vest given to him by Mark, a white tee-shirt, and black pants or gray sweatpants. Sometimes, he combines the two looks, wearing the dress pants and waistcoat with the tee-shirt.


I think we both know damn well that I'm a fallen Hethe, right? I mean you're not stupid, right? I mean you're about to be, because normally smart people have brains, which you kinda.. Don't anymore.
— Azrael before casting The Carver into The Infernous.
As shit goes, heres my introduction. I'm you from a more successful timeline. My name is Azrael, and I happen to be the ArknAngel of Redemption and Salvation. I'm not Edgar, I'm not a fallen Hethe, I'm just the you you should have been. But I'm not holding grudges, I'm getting you out of here. You can thank me later
— Azrael meeting Michael Knight.
As far as introductions go, I guess this is a introduction.. My Arkn name is Azrael, the ArknAngel of Salvation and Redemption, but, y'know, we're human here, right? My human name is Michaelis.. So there's that. Hello world, I am Michaelis Winter, and I am going to be using this camera now.
— Azrael to the audience.