Bobo as he appears in Dreams Beyond Reality.
Vital statistics
Name Beauregard, Bobo
Race Dog
Alignment Neutral
Status Alive
Appearances MedBoy789
Realm .Reality
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown

Bobo is a recurring character in MedBoy789, and is an apparent host to Malek.


Bobo is mentioned in Sleep Cycle 7 as he goes missing and Med Boy has to find him. Med Boy has an encounter with an entity in his pool and barely escapes. He returns to his room to find Bobo sitting on his bed.

Bobo is also seen again chasing after a lurker in Med Boy's garage. Med Boy encounters it as The Crusader takes over him and implicatively destroys the lurker. Bobo is seen as Med Boy returns from his possession, Med Boy jokingly asks Bobo what time is it, to which Malek inhabiting Bobo replies that its noon before asking for pizza rolls.