I'm writing this now, before it gets into my head again, before it makes me do those things again. There's this thing, this field, I don't know what it's called, but you can use it to link to other things like us mentally. I used this for a time; really got our small squadron ahead in the war, when we could communicate with each other from wherever.

This all changed, though, as I'm sure you figured out. Something, maybe an Arkn, maybe something worse, I don't know, got into the field. Used it to stay connected with me, against my knowledge or will. I would hear this cry, this screaming, wailing silence of emptiness and nothing, and then the darkness would cover. This being would do these things through my body, and all I could do is watch.

It didn't like our squadron's advancement. The rest of them are gone now. They trusted me, the poor bastards. Never suspected anything was up, so when "I" took them off alone to show them some new developments, they happily went. Happily went, until they realized the betrayal. Until they were thrown into the void.

I'm writing this as a warning. This essence isn't well known, thank God. Not many are aware of how to link up. I want to keep it this way. Please be careful; if you enter the essence, it might not be you that comes out.

God knows it wasn't me. God knows.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. This silence speaks in my head. I don't think it's on any side of the war. I think it just wants to cause as much chaos as possible.

I think it wants to get to humanity, and I think it wants to use them to spread this chaos and destruction.

And I can only watch and pray it fails.

Don't trust me.

~General O'kan're