This was the last tunnel before our exit to the Golden City, and search for the four paradox players; the Arknangels.

The 7 (8 Counting Luke) Arknza, (AKA The Paradox Players; AKA The ArknAngels; AKA Arkangels), are direct decendants of an Arkn bloodline with dormant powers.


The ArknAngels, according to Azrael, were initially Arkn that contain Hethian bloodline within them. These Arkn were to merge with a human form and become something of great power.

Azrael Michaelis Winter


Michaelis Winter was a human who's powers were awakened through becoming the circumstantial vessel of Xerex Storn. The pair's convergence wasn't necessarily clean, as Michaelis, although remaining in his body as deceased data, overpowered Xerex for a very long time. During this, Michaelis had Ellpagg as his mentor for a very long time, who granted him the ArknAngel title "Azrael". With his help, Azrael was sent back to the beginning of time to observe the other ArknAngels grow up whilst in solitude in a light house tower. Due to this, this makes Azrael the oldest of the ArknAngels chronologically.

While Azrael remained in hiding, using Xerex's abilities to save lost souls from The Infernous, Michael Knight took his place through another timeline, and had acted as the supposed ArknAngel for a long time. This was due to The Carver's manipulations, and Michael had sided with the Dekn as a result of Ellpagg's manipulations. Through his supposed ArknAngel powers, Michael attempted to murder the other ArknAngels, such as Gabriel Holden. However, after The Carver revealed the truth of Michael, Azrael stepped into the picture under guidance by Ellpagg and took his place.

Azrael was guided to supposedly save Ambriel from The Infernous, and afterwards, is abandoned by Ellpagg who goes off to become someone else's guardian. Azrael sought out to fight Samael Crow, only to be killed and sent to The Infernous once again.

Raziel Gabriel Holden


Raziel was the fourth of the original four Arkn, an individual creation by The Hethe, Gar'sha. His birth name had been Guhab’uruhee’el, or Gabriel. His past was that of an Arkn cultist that would sacrifice Dekn to The Hethe, however, over time, he began to see the error of his ways, and renounced his title as this, henceforth going by the name Raziel, or Ruhah'zehee'el.

Centuries into the war, Raziel observed the ways of both The Arkn and Dekn, and he and the other original Arkn cut their hands and bled into a chalice, which was poured into what was left of the tree. The tree released an energy which came to be known as Magick. Raziel began to master this energy and used it to create two separate realities for The Arkn and Dekn, which later became The Infinitium and The Golden City. These two realities were stabilized by the fragmented Hethe, Malek.

Raziel first appeared to his human counterpart, Gabriel Holden, through writing his own sigil on his mirror and summoning himself as his guardian through it. Raziel appeared as a shade to him, and warned him of Azazel. Raziel gives him a book in order for him to learn Magick.

Raphael Tobit Kestler


Raphael had been an Arkn warrior that was very heroic amongst his kind, slaughtering countless Dekn in battle. He also had a fond interest in Magick, to which he was evidentially skilled in healing. However, events transpired over time which caused him to undergo The Bastard's Decay and defect, having only his wings ripped apart. After this, he went in search of King Uriel, but instead found only his human counterpart, Alex Winter. He then went to his guarded human, Tobit Kestler, who had been surviving an apocalypse within his Timeline. Before his timeline had been completely destroyed, the two had converged and had a completely clean fusion as a result, both their minds are at the same level with the other.

Under guidance of Malek and Raziel, Raphael became the guardian of Tobias Kestler, an alternate version of himself and a supposed prophet.

Uriel Alexander Winter


Uriel was an Arkn King that was the commander in The Golden Army and was the father of an Arkn Knight named Ellpagg. The Arkn Lords gathered together and plotted to kill the Carver in his own realm. Expecting to use Uriel, they were instantly declined when he told them that he was not about to slay a brother, moral or immoral. Unable to depend on Uriel, they go to Ellpagg. Unaware of the non-choice selection, Ellpagg believed he volunteered for the task of convincing the Carver to come out, when in actuality, he was selected already by the Arkn Lords who were betraying him.

After sending him down to the Infernous, and having his memories stripped, The Lords were interrupted by Uriel who had come to say farewell to Ellpagg but mistakenly overheard their plan. Outraged, in a fit of sudden fury, Uriel ends up beheading the Arkn Lord Xan'dri'el and is, in turn, locked away in prison. Shortly after this, Uriel escapes and hurls himself into one of the central .reality cores, killing him and sending him to The Infernous. This process also created a human form of Uriel within .Reality, who was given the name Alex Winter.


Ambriel, formerly known as "Lahabrea", Is the former Arkn High Muse of Radiance, Song and Empathy. After the corruption and truth of the Arkn government was revealed, she left The Golden City, living on Earth for 2 years before being captured by The Carver and imprisoned in The Infernous. After learning that she is the fifth ArknAngel and is still in the Infernous, Azrael used a lot of his power to get both her and Tobias out. While not a Arknangel of the original prophesy, her destiny is diffrent. A prophesy given by the Hethe, Gar'sha when Ambriel grabbed onto the strings of Riviera;

"The Arkn bathed in golden light who speaks in the green shade will bring the end of those who shout worship choked in waves of blood. The circles of knowledge will soar once again in the skies and the Paradise of magic will once again overflow with the songs of praise, becoming a dirge for those who dared tread on my name and a hymn for those who would raise it back to the skies."

Gar'sha casts her back to reality with one last strange message; “Go with my will and my word; Mak'kran'grash.”

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