Cecil Xenith is a being of unknown power who is summoned by Michael Knight in Michael's Camera.



Cecil Xenith is the son of Proxy Xenith, the co-ruler of Arkaissa. Cecil's official title is Spokeman for the True-Neutral; it is unknown what this position entails. (However, he likes the term "prophet" when being described by others.) Little is known about Cecil. While his father is a Dekn, it is unknown whether Cecil himself is a Dekn, a hybrid, or something else entirely.

Michael's Camera

Michael Knight is ordered by his temporary (artificial) Guardian, Persophelus Crow, to summon an Arkn into Dale (who is an Arkn Trap).


On the surface, Cecil seems likable and "cool". After one spends time in his presence, however, he quickly reveals himself to be extremely annoying: he knows little about humans or human culture, is prone to going on rambling tangents, and talks incessantly about how great he is. Despite these irritating qualities, it is impossible not to like him; this is hinted to be due to some power he possesses (possibly his prophetic abilities).