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Cedrad as he appears in Josh The Revenant.
Vital statistics
Name Cedrad, Dekn Lord of Starvation
Race Dekn
Alignment Unknown
Status Alive
Appearances Not2Strange


Realm Unknown
Other information
Relationships Weapons
April - Brief romantic interest.

Sam - Brief romantic interest.

Megan - Enemy.

Frost - Ex lover/Romantic Interest(?)


Cedrad is the Dekn Lord of Starvation.


Cedrad's appearance can best be described as unsightly. He has red eyes which he covers with goggles, and has a very hollow-like and empty shape, revealing his rib cage as well as other different bones and organs which holds an appearance similar to that of someone who hasn't eaten in a long time, or someone who is starving.



Cedrad received his title as the Dekn lord of starvation after his multiple affairs with humanity. Not only taking away their essential needs such as food and water, Cedrad also starved them of other things as well such as knowledge, power, strength, and free-will.


Cedrad is a very violent and angry individual and would happily kill anybody who stood in his way. On rare occasions however he gets very depressed and even feels bad for what he has done. He has tried to kill himself multiple times. He usaully masks his depression with jokes and sarcasm.


Cedrad has had multiple affairs with multiple people. He flirts with any person he finds appealing and most of the time ends up with them for a few weeks before getting bored of them and dumping them. The only relationship he seems to have taken even a little seriously was his one with Frost which lasted about 3 years.