Cedric Kharon is a descendant of the Hethe. While his origins mark him as the child of the Prime Evil, Cedric does not affiliate himself with any side in the War.

Following the Battle of the Arknza, Cedric transfers over to Universe X, where he is made a full Hethe. He becomes unofficial head of the new four-member pantheon under the name "Ced'ric".

Universe A


Much of Cedric's backstory is a mystery. It is known that he was crafted by De'ebo, and that Cre'vial had a hand in his creation. According to legend, Cre'vial challenged Edgar Kharon to a chess game, spanning four eternities: if Edgar won, he would become a Hethe himself; if he lost, however, his legend would be wiped from memory. The human outlaw emerged victorious, and the enraged Hethe prepared to strike him down. De'ebo intervened, however, and promised to make Edgar one of what they were. Instead of turning Edgar into a Hethe, however, De'ebo crafted from darkness a child-sized being. Edgar promised to raise it, and was allowed entrance into a realm created by one of the beings. Here, he raised the child, Cedric, as his own son until his death years later.

It is hinted that Cedric befriended Azrael the Arknangel at some point; whatever happened to break that bond has not been revealed.

The Logs of Cedric Kharon

Cedric's journey is recounted in No More Truths. His journey expands over the course of two eternities, during which he travels throughout the bizarre realms of The Beyond, interacts with numerous figures (including The Carver and The Knight), and befriends The Jester and Malek. His journey also takes him to The Golden City, where he witnesses the activation of Void Web (with his own blood acting as a catalyst). 

The Battle of the Arknza

Towards the end of the Battle, Cedric arrives with Malek and The Jester as the Carver is mortally wounded. De'ebo appears and resurrects Carver at full power; he commands him to kill the trio, promising that if he succeeds, he will be raised up to a true Hethe. De'ebo possesses Carver and fights the three. Much to De'ebo's surprise, Cedric and his allies are able to successfully fight him off (though not without Malek being stabbed by Carver-Deebo and absorbed into his weapon). De'ebo is so impressed by their effort that he halts the fight, splitting from Carver and congratulating Cedric and Jester. In return, he asks Cedric to join him among the Hethe pantheon. Cedric agrees, under the condition that Ellpagg is revived, which he is. After the battle, Cedric moves over into the new Universe X, watching over its formation with De'ebo, Fab'ras, and Ellpagg (now a full Hethe himself).

Universe X

 Cedric's journey continues on past the end of Universe A, and on into the new existence. As the head of the new Hethe pantheon, Ced'ric (as he is known) has the most power of any member, having seemingly retained some of his powers from the old universe. Unfortunately, as he is now a mature Hethe, he has also grown into their evil disposition, and shows little of the helpful and altruistic behavior of his past life.

Appearance & Personality

Cedric is a dark, smokey (though tangible) being, with bright, glowing orange eyes set in his head. Being a young Hethe, he lacks the malicious nature of his race, being kind, curious, and helpful


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