Claisteoln Hivemind
The hive-mind as seen in the ABOVETHESYSTEM video "Escape try number 2".
Vital statistics
Name Claisteoln Hivemind
Race Claisteoln
Alignment Unknown
Status Alive
Realm Unknown
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown

The Claisteoln Hivemind is the main antagonist of the webseries ABOVETHESYSTEM.


The Claisteoln Hivemind is a being that was created by a group of Claisteoln that felt their chances of survival would be better if they infested a single host. The Hivemind's main goal is going "Above" the "System". The "System" is speculated to be .Reality, although it's unknown why the Hive-mind wants this, or why James Keller plays a necessary role in his plan.


The Claisteoln Hivemind appears as a humanoid shape, wearing a hoodie, and does not have a face (Other than an occasional smile).