Dale as he appears in 2) Friends.
Vital statistics
Name Dale
Race Arkn Trap
Alignment Unknown
Status Incapacitated
Appearances Michael's Camera
Realm  ?
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown

Dale is a heavily plot-influential "character" in Michael's Camera.


Dale was the imaginary friend of MichaelDale knew what was up.

The Knight Shift

At the conclusion of The Knight Shift, after Michael finished reading Ellpagg's journal, he realized that he had left Dale behind in The Beyond and went to look for him.

Michael's Camera

Michael believes that Dale "died" under unknown circumstances. However, in Season 3, Persophelous Crow reveals that Dale was never really alive, and had been an inanimate doll the entire time. Michael (under the orders of Crow) tries to summon an Arkn and trap it inside of Dale, so that it can be killed. However, the attempt fails, and he accidentally summons a prophet named Cecil Xenith instead.

Later, Azrael Michaelis Winter releases a shard of Malek from within Dale, which takes him over.


Dale is able to contain the souls of others, as demonstrated by it's confinement (or housing) of a shard of Malek. It is later revealed that Dale is an Arkn Trap.


Cecil Xeneth refers to Dale "The Weed Doll" in the Michael's Camera episode "Summoning an Arkn".

Strangely enough, Samael seems to know exactly how Dale can be used upon picking up the doll in the Michael's Camera episode "Out of the Nest".