"These are not ones to play by the rules. They do not believe in the ways they have been taught for eternities. They are done being tools in a war they care nothing for. They have broken out. They are following their own path. They are the defectors."
— D

The Defectors are Arkn and Dekn who have renounced their relations to the Arkn/Dekn mindset and have been banished from their respective domains (The Golden Cities and The Infinitium). These Arkn and Dekn are characterized by the fact that they do not wish to have anything to do with the Arkn/Dekn as a whole, with the first ever defector being the Arkn Lord Imperious.

Some of them break out into other realities, while others choose to remain inside of the refuge of The Defector's grounds.

Defection Process

Officially, defection is made public to the Arkn in a ceremony known as The Bastard's Decay. This process entails the forced tearing and removal of one's wings over a painful period of eight days. This honor is given to either the closest of kin, or if none are available, one of the present Valkyriums (usually Maalformius Darkrage).

In other cases, should the Arkn be caught defecting to the Dekn as a form of treachery, the reproductive organs are also removed alongside the wings over the process of eight days.

Rogue Defectors

Rogue Defectors are Arkn that have defected in a way that is informal, as they have up and left the city and either joined forces with the Dekn, or remained hidden among humanity as Earth Arkn. Aside from the Earth Arkn, who are actually respected in the eyes of the Valkyrium, they do not take too kindly to the other rogues and brutally massacre and assassinate them in masses.

Dekn Defection

Due to the perfection of Dekn society and the freedom they are allowed, Dekn do not have any reason to defect. Because of this, there is no form of Dekn defection other than December's leave. Having left before the society was even formed, December is the only Dekn to have reason or cause to defect in the first place.

In the place of defection, Dekn will just up and leave the city, not taking part in the war and living their own life somewhere else. While this is dangerous due to their kind being hunted down by Arkn, some Dekn do join the Earth Arkn and live peacefully among humankind in .reality.