From the second face, the Dekn awoke. In a miasma of shriveling darkness, the beings began to wander, purposeless, until finding a humongous tree. The Hethe watched as the Dekn began to surround the tree, as they began to carve into it little holes to be the homes of each. The Hethe were pleased.

Dekn Symbol

The Dekn were the first race of beings ever created. They were created by the Hethe, Deebo, and from them, the Hethe would eventually create The Arkn in order to rival them.

The Dekn's home resides in The Umdevarium, and their current Emperor is Redgrave.


The Dekn were the first race of beings that were created by The Hethe. The first few were Hash'bor'kanibal, an unknown second Dekn, Harbinger, and Aetheris. Upon creation, these four Dekn wandered aimlessly until coming upon a tree. The Dekn lived in this tree, until The Hethe got bored and crafted a new race of beings from the darkness within the Dekn, something that would rival the Dekn and go to war with them, these were The Arkn.

The Arkn saw The Dekn and wanted the tree they lived in. They attacked the tree. Hash'bor'kanibal joined the Arkn in this attack in secret, and The Arkn reclaimed this tree. Hash'bor'kanibal claimed he had gotten behind behind enemy lines in the midst of it, and was revered for doing so amongst the other Dekn. Aetheris retrieved a form of sap from the tree. With this tree sap, he used it to create a substance that would allow the Dekn to create spawns, or rather an interpreted clone of themselves.

The Dekn fought back against the Arkn, and wound up reclaiming the tree. The Arkn were unhappy, and crafted weapons so they can fight back once again, only this time destroyed the tree completely, leaving the Dekn homeless. When Humanity was created, The Arkn looked at the Earth and wanted to take that for themselves as well. They began attaching themselves to humanity, making them slaves to their will. The Dekn were not pleased with this, and four more powerful Dekn, Samael, Redgrave, Vine, and Clubs, created an infinite amount of realities, so that the humans can exist without The Arkn, with the assistance of the unknown entity that called itself Malek.

Hash'bor'kanibal reigned as Emperor amongst The Dekn, the second Dekn perished in the war. Both Harbinger and Aetheris tried to turn against Hash'born, but Harbinger ultimately killed by his son, Persophelus Redgrave, for attempting to do so, and Aetheris was banished.

Upon the fall of The Carver after the events of The Knight Shift, Clubs took on the role as Emperor of The Dekn.

Powers / Abilities

Unlike the Arkn, The Dekn do not use Magick. The Dekn's powers were invested within them upon creation, using the power of Mentality to their will. Their powers are a concept of Psychic and Mental abilities, and shaping abilities at will rather than learning from them. Over time, a Dekn will earn their title from inventing and expanding to a certain element. For example, Provuscus was the first Dekn to create and manipulate light and began educating other Dekn on this ability. Through this, he became known as the "Dekn of Light".

Dekn are also well ordained through weaponry and armor. A Dekn may earn multiple titles through other elements, such as personality traits, chemistry and blacksmithing.

Culture / Appearance


An example of a Dekn's appearance, Asmodeus sprouts horns within seconds of video coloration.

The Dekn are known for being aristocratic and noble. They're an adaptive culture, consistently trying to learn and find new abilities that the have yet to discover. The Dekn are notoriously known for creating the .Reality system, a system created in order to protect humanity from being wiped out by The Arkn. They are able to guard humans as well as The Arkn are able to, however, this is statistically not required for them. It should be noted that the Dekn live within a perfected society, under a rule of an emperor. No in-fighting, no stealing, no crime.

The Dekn are asexual, and unable to procreate. Most Dekn are spawned from The Hatch, a room within The Ininitium leading to an area within Nexia where Dekn are cloned/created from reality sludge, called Cluxious (clushis).

Only through video coloration, a Dekn will be shown to have horns originating from their temples, as well as their kinetic armor being worn by their current form/vessel. Cluxious can be controlled by the Emperor of the Dekn, and was utilized by Carver to turn countless Arkn into Dekn. This method is not used by Clubs as the Arkn affected will tend to go mad or die within a few eternities.

Only through video coloration, a Dekn will be shown to have horns originating from their temples, as well as their kinetic armor being worn by their current form/vessel.

The Dekn