The Dekn from Universe X are humanoid demon-like beings. Formerly humans from one of the Origin Seeds,they were forcibly evolved by De'ebolus to resemble the Dekn of Universe A. Their defining feature is their horns, which provide them with a mental connection to The Silulic Horror and give them the telekinesis-like power of Silulic Manipulation, as well as various psychic powers.

The Dekn are known for their devious, aggressive, and warlike nature. Like the Dekn of the Old World, they are the arch-enemies of their counterparts, the Arkn. While their home realm is the Elevrium in the Lathrym, they have a strong presence among the Seeds of Ersis, due to their partnership with the human company U.M.E.E.C.

The current Dekn ruler is the Emperor Xerinos, the son of Jacques Redgrave.



The Dekn, like the Arkn, began as humans from one of the two Origin Seeds, evolved through the power of De'ebolus and Ced'ric. While the Seeds were still young and humans were still evolving, De'ebolus became displeased with the new creations; he knew that a certain deadly menace had taken over the entirety of Universe A, and wanted a race of "war machines": beings with the power, and warlike nature, to combat the threat. De'ebolus separated one Seed from the other, causing a massive cataclysm within the Ersis; a connection to the Silulis tore open momentarily, exposing the entire population of the Seed to Ethric energy. The aftershocks of the cataclysm pushed the Origin Seed through the Silulis and out the other side, where it crashed into the Lathrym, splitting into two halves. De'ebolus kept one half for himself, and gave the other to Fab'rasi for his own experimentation.

Over time, (so it is said) De'ebolus gradually tampered with the humans of his region, altering their anatomy and causing them to develop stronger bone structures. The group was introduced to a chemical compound similar to morphine; this further mutated the humans, enhancing their brain functions and causing them to grow bone-like appendages on their heads. The former humans were now fearful-looking, horned beings, which would eventually find their way into human lore as "demons".

In time, a mysterious stranger, known to them only as "Jacques", appeared in the realm. He taught the horned beings the ways of survival, and educated them about the Hethe and the Old World. Soon enough, Jacques named the former humans the Dekn after his own people. With Jacques' help, the Dekn learned how to use their horns (and enhanced mental abilities) to forge mental connections with an eldritch being deep within the Silulis. Initially, this being was believed to be from the Source. As it turned out, however, the Dekn were connected to something far worse: the Silulic Horror, a being that had been created by Ced'ric as a counterpart to Fab'rasi's Ethric Mind. Undisturbed by the discovery, the Dekn used these connections to gain the telekinesis-like power of Silulic Manipulation, which they began to master.

The Birth of the Empire

The Dekn spread out and formed settlements across the Elevrium, and their civilization began to evolve; they began building their cities, and developed their own culture and dialects. They took influence from Jacques' tales, as well as from odd "visions" granted to them by the Hethe: visions of people very similar to (and yet very different from) themselves; of strange lands of spices and silks, of oddly-tiled buildings and figures in colorful robes adorned with gold. A government similar to a monarchy emerged, and Jacques rose up as a leader, eventually becoming the first "Emperor" (or "Neo-Emperor").  

Alongside the first Dekn Masters, Jacques founded the Dekn capital, Taveril'domaine. In time, the city grew from a middling-sized town to a lavish and bustling city. Jacques became the first Dekn to swear Inkaal'siitr, pledging himself to his beloved Ama'dina. He also also established the Master’s Awakening: a contest in which various citizens of all ranks would compete in challenges to prove themselves worthy of being chosen as the Emperor's new Dekn Masters. 


In time, the human organization M.E.E.C. managed to bypass the Ythen, and their space shuttle crash-landed in the desert of Galliptis. As M.E.E.C. ventured deeper into the Elevrium, they discovered a mysterious relic: an ancient device, which allowed the user to detect and decode the Siy (or creational blueprint) of anything they looked at. In addition to the Siy decoder, M.E.E.C. found, sealed within a vault in the Elevrium, the chemical compound which had granted the Dekn their tremendous mental abilities. U.M.E.E.C. used this compound as the basis for a brain-enhancing drug, which they sold under the name NORLYST.

Eventually, M.E.E.C. came in contact with the developing Dekn. As different Siy effects were realized, U.M.E.E.C. distributed different Siy to the Dekn in trade for various things. The Dekn realized that the Siy could be combined into sigils to produce various magical effects. However, the sigils needed to be charged with Ethri to be activated; as the Dekn were unable to channel this energy naturally, they needed to find an external power source.

Realizing that they could accomplish more by working with the humans than they ever could on their own, the Dekn met with U.M.E.E.C. on neutral ground in Galliptis, and the two parties established a partnership. This location initially consisted of a building with some tables, where the two parties would meet to discuss various matters. In time, however, the meeting house was expanded to include sleeping quarters and other amenities. Housing areas soon arose around the meeting house, followed by entertainment stations, shopping areas, and other facilities catering to travelers. The complex eventually grew to a formidable size; it was declared its own city, and given the name Laen. M.E.E.C. (now renamed U.M.E.E.C.) was given control over the city, which soon became a popular vacation destination for Dekn and humans alike.

Meeting the Arkn

As U.M.E.E.C. discovered more Siy, they made contact with the Arkn – who, in turn, who were brought into contact with the Dekn. At first, relations between the races were friendly: the Arkn Eldric opened trade with both Dekn and humans, and the Dekn traded the Arkn some of the Siy; the humans discovered the Siy for floating, which enabled the Arkn to fly. As the humans interacted with the Arkn, they also discovered the secret to the powers of the Arkn, in their ability to charge the natural Ethri in their bodies and channel it.

U.M.E.E.C. continued to grow and expand; soon, they had bases among the Seeds and Outliers. The Ythen permitted Dekn to enter the Seeds of Ersis; however, in order to prevent mass panic (and/or transmigration between the realms), they took precautions to ensure that most humans remained unaware of the Dekn: order they granted them special transmutation Siy to give them a specialized human disguises, and prohibited them from openly using their powers on the Seeds.

The War

The Dekn soon discovered that the Arkn realm naturally produced Rethryc crystals. Rethrycs held the charge they needed to power the new sigils, and would allow them to do things they couldn't otherwise do with their own powers. When the Dekn asked the Arkn to trade them Rethrycs crystals, however, the Arkn denied their existence and hoarded them. They also encouraged the Dekn to share the Siy decoder, so that they could identify Siy for themselves. The Dekn refused to share the Siy decoder, out of the fear that the Arkn (who already had a natural advantage over the Dekn, due to their Ethri manipulation abilities) would become too powerful.

The exact chain of events that followed has been lost to antiquity. According to Dekn records, however, a fortnight after the Dekn refused the request of the Arkn, an Arkn raiding party, which included the Eldric and his kingsguard, entered Taveril'domaine under a cover of darkness. After the Emperor was alerted to their presence, he ordered them to be detained. However, the trespassing Arkn began fighting the security team, and a battle broke out. The Dekn attempted to fight them off, but their technology was no match for the Ethric shields and blasts of the Arkn. By the time the fighting was quelled, dozens lay dead, including the Empress Ama’dina, and the decoder relic was missing. While U.M.E.E.C. fortunately managed to recreate the decoder, Jacques was never able to fully mend his broken heart. The incident cemented the hatred the Dekn held for the Arkn, and was the catalyst for the war between the races.

Several years after the attack, the Dekn launched a counterattack, during which they destroyed the Siy decoder (but not before the Arkn Magi had found a loophole that enabled them to create custom Siy without the detector).

Blood Flags

Shortly after the war began in the Lathrym, the Dekn, noted the increased presence of the Arkn in Ersis (in the form of SEEKER and the Miran'khai). Despite the prohibition on Lathrymites revealing themselves to humans, some Dekn took their conflict to the Seeds, picking brutal fights with any Arkn they encountered (often over control of various areas). These fights resulted in many deaths, and Dekn and Arkn alike being sentenced to Tartareous. However, the fights not only continued, but became bigger and more organized; young Arkn and Dekn began holding "war councils" to arrange battles, and both sides (as well as human employees of U.M.E.E.C. and SEEKER) started placing bets on the outcomes, with Rethrycs as currency. Alphos’eli Persophelum (the son of Jacques) turned this into a business venture, setting up underground gambling dens throughout the Seeds (while providing a convenient means of laundering stolen Rethrycs).

In time, Alphos'eli approached the Ythen and requested that Arkn-Dekn fighting be made an official, regulated sport. The Ythen agreed, as it gave the Arkn and Dekn a means to work out their conflict in Ersis without effecting or harming humans. Thus, the sport of Blood Flags was established. The Dekn began wielding U.M.E.E.C. weaponry during these confrontations, while the Arkn carried SEEKER tech (as doing so was less risky than wielding their natural powers, and the Arkn were unable to manifest wings while in Ersis).


Dekn biology is similar to that of regular humans. They possess naturally strengthened bones, and (due to their mutation) their blood is darker in color (almost black). The most notable physical feature of the Dekn is their Silulic Horns; these appendages are located on a section of skull that juts slightly outward, to allow for them to extend and retract. As the horns retract, they become a ghost-like material that phases into the skull without causing the Dekn physical harm.

While the Dekn (like the Arkn) look mostly human, they cannot enter Ersis in their natural forms, as doing so would reveal their existence. They must take on a human appearance through the use of a transmutation Siy, given to them specially by the Ythen.

Like the Arkn, the Dekn can live to be roughly 500 years old.


Dekn are capable of reproducing like Humans and Arkn. However, they are incapable of having offspring with any race besides Dekn or Humans. Dekn-Human Hybrids, known as Cambion, are very similar to full-blood Dekn. However, Cambion horns only protrude slightly from their skulls, and are not large enough to penetrate the skin. Due to this, a half-breed's connections to the Silulis is weakened; they can still move objects in the physical world, but it requires far more effort and concentration, and they are incapable of wielding the rest of the Dekn abilities.

Powers & Abilities

Silulic Manipulation

Dekn can use their horns to forge a mental connection with The Silulic Horror. This enables them to create a data ghost within the Silulis, which can move and manipulate objects in the physical world by manipulating their ghost data "counterparts" in the Silulis, producing an effect similar to telekinesis. Those who have a particularly strong Silulis connection are able to manipulate any inanimate object with a simple thought.

Dekn can also use their horns to psychically effect other living beings. They can project messages, images, and information into the minds of others, or create mental "overloads", ranging from hallucinations to manipulated emotions. Dekn frequently use this ability to communicate with one another; each one has a unique psychic "signature" (similar to a fingerprint), which they can use to identify each other. A few Dekn Masters can stall an Arkn's aura summoning (temporarily). Some can even overload another being's mind completely, enabling them to temporarily take control of the subject's body.

However, Dekn power has its limitations. A Dekn's power to manipulate objects is based on the strength of their connection to the Silulis and their avatar; while all Dekn can strengthen their presence in the Silulis (and their powers) by "exercising" their connection, some Dekn are naturally more adept at certain kinds of manipulation than others. Additionally, a Dekn cannot move or physically manipulate other living beings, including Arkn, other Dekn, humans, and animals. Telepathy also has its limitations: two-way telepathic communication can only be achieved with other Dekn (and half-breeds), and can only be done when two Dekn are in the same realm together; in addition, telepathic messages might have a slight delay depending on the distance between them.

A Dekn's Silulis-based powers can include:

  • Aural manipulation
  • Elemental manipulation
  • Emotion manipulation
  • Hallucination induction
  • Mind reading
  • Object manipulation
  • Psionics (effecting electronics)
  • Psychic binding
  • Psychic torture
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy

Sigil Powers

Generally speaking, Dekn cannot wield magic, as they cannot produce or channel Ethri naturally. However, they can form a connection to The Ethric Mind and create personalized sigils (or Siy), which allow them access to specific kinds of elemental power. These sigils can be charged using the Ethric charge in Rethryc crystals, and de-charged when the Dekn wishes to deactivate them.


The Dekn are a study in contrasts. They are a highly scientific, technologically advanced race; at the same time, they are very aggressive, and far more warlike than the Arkn.


The Dekn place far less emphasis on religion than the Arkn. However, many still pay obeisance to the Hethe. Taveril'domaine worships De'ebolus and Ced'ric, Galliptis mainly worships De'ebolus and Cedric, and Syrith is strongly oriented towards Cedric-worship. Scintilaria has no exact preference towards any one Hethe, with followers of each of the four being found throughout the region.


Due to their collaboration and partnership with U.M.E.E.C., the Dekn are far more technologically advanced than the Arkn. Their reach is limited only by U.M.E.E.C.'s capabilities (which are vast), and ranges from vehicles that can obtain flight, to genetic modifications, to high-tech weaponry.

In Destrus, some Dekn get around using vehicles powered by raw Ethric fluid. These vehicles are based on human vehicles, and range from tri-wheeler hoverbikes to heavily-armored 18-wheelers. Many have been adapted for the environment, with alterations to allow them to easily traverse the rough terrain of the wastelands. Some vehicles use Ethric crystals as boosters for hovering and flight, or have their wheels fitted with sigils that allow them to shoot a blast, in order to activate thrust. (However, these functions are deactivated when the Rethyc wall activates, acting like a temporary EMP field on the active crystals.)

Known Dekn

  • Ama'dina (Redgrave)  –  Empress of the Dekn (former). Inkaal'siitr of Jacques, mother of Xerinos, Ba'alav Vrian’grave, and Alphos’eli Persophelus. Killed in the first Arkn raid.
  • Ala’astor Andromalius  –  Dekn Master of the Gallows.
  • Alphos’eli Persophelum  –  Head of the Persophelum Sanguineaux'estiere family. Son of Jacques.
  • Andras Senêrouxe As'phyxiar  –  Dekn Master of Forbidden Knowledge.
  • Angrboda Bordreux – Dekn Warrior. Ex-lover of Moloch Aversen. Mother of Barbatos Aversen.
  • Artrious Calibon  –  Dekn Master of the Silulis.
  • Azithal’zera As'phyxiar – First of the As'phyxiar bloodline to be involved in politics. Son of Ra’bon’thazat As'phyxiar.
  • Aziorrar As'phyxiar –  Father of Senêrouxe As'phyxiar.
  • Ba'alav Vrian’grave  –  Dekn Master of Thievery. Son of Jacques.
  • Barbatos Aversen  –  Son of Moloch. Killed at the Battle of Shallus Cross.
  • Belial Indris Casimir  –  Dekn General and Master of Sight and War. (Removed)
  • Camio Call’ombre  –  Dekn Master of Whispers.
  • Coraline White
  • Cria’sera  –  Dekn Countess of the Scintilarium.
  • Decarabia For’migar  –  Dekn Mistress of War.
  • El'eiza  –  Queen of the Spiders.
  • Eve'resell Chanteval – Dekn Master of Metal. Claimed the title (and took over Ishora's Forge) after stabbing Mag'novar in Relvar the Master's Awakening.
  • Haaz’ifor Nezail  –  Dekn General. Led the charge on Avantas'Tol during the Astol Massacre.
  • Indris Casimir  –  Father of Belial Casimir.
  • Israefel Rofocale  –  Mother of Lucifage Rofocale.
  • Jacques (Redgrave)  –  First Emperor of the Dekn. Taught the Dekn to use their Silulic Manipulation powers.
  • Jean-Ezeau Rallineux – Dekn General. After deserting a battle, he fell into madness and started worshipping the Vyvn
  • Ka'athrin As'phyxiar  –  Inkaal'siitr of Aziorrar As'phyxiar. Mother of Andras As'phyxiar.
  • Leozhard  –  Dekn Lord of the Scintilarium.
  • Lucifuge Rofocale  –  Dekn Master of the Plague. Father of Bobbie Harper.
  • Mag’novar Relva  –  Dekn Master of War (former).
  • Maigrir Casimir  –  Son of Belial Casimir.
  • Marchosias Levitas Aversen  –  Dekn Master of Beguilement and Debauchery.
  • Melchom Avagard  –  Dekn Master of Wealth.
  • Menestor Veritas – Second Emperor of the Dekn.
  • Moloch Aversen  –  Father of Marchosias and Barbatos Aversen.
  • Ra'bon'thazat As'phyxiar  –  First As'phyxiar to get into politics. Great-grandfather of Andras As'phyxiar.
  • Rizavail Taveril – Third Emperor of the Dekn.
  • Severin Avalune  –  Dekn Master of Forbidden Knowledge (former).
  • The Lady of Roses – A madam who ran the most high-class escort service in Taveril'domaine.
  • Veritas Taveril II – Fourth Emperor of the Dekn.
  • Veritas Taveril III  –  Fifth Emperor of the Dekn.
  • Ver'saava Aversen  –  Illegitimate son of Moloch Aversen Aversen. (Removed)
  • Xerinos Redgrave – Sixth Emperor of the Dekn; son of Jacques.
  • Zachriel Rofocale  –  Father of Lucifage Rofocale.