Dekn from Universe X are humans from the Origin Seed that became separated from the other group, crashing into the subrealm that would later be known as the Elevrium. Here overtime the humans changed due to mutations and later became what would eventually be named by Jacques as the Dekn.


Dekn are actually evolved Humans from the Origin Seed. This was a seed that is said to have housed a humanity tampered with by Cedric, and later released into two respective realms where evolution into a new wave of Universe A Arkn and Dekn was forced. After humans from this seed had been moved out into the Lathrym, the Seed was duplicated into the Five Seeds of Ersis. Dekn powers link directly into the Silulis. allowing what they manipulate mentally in that plain, to manipulate physically in the Lathrym or Ersis. They received this power from forced evolution, courtesy of Cedric. As they evolved, a being known only to them as Jacques came and taught them ways of survival within the realm. Soon enough, the humans were given the name "Dekn", and given access to connection with something eldritch believed to be from the Source. As it turns out, the Dekn were not connected to the Ethric Mind, and instead, connected to something far worse within the Silulis; the Silulic Horror. This connection gave them the power of Silulic Manipulation.

Silulic Abilities

Dekn are capable of accessing their Eelekti husks within the Silulis to allow for manipulation of the physical world, very similar to telekinesis. This allows them to move objects in the physical world around simply by thought, but they can not move other Dekn, Arkn or Humans.

  • Dekn are able to communicate using the Silulic connections they hold, like telepathy.
  • More experienced Dekn can cause mental overloads of other species, which can range from hallucinations to manipulated emotions.
  • Dekn are able to manipulate objects in the physical world with a simple thought to move it, based on their own strength and capability to physically move it.
  • A Dekn Master of their craft can momentarily stall an Arkn's aura summoning.


Dekn possess more advanced technology then Arkn, ranging from vehicles that can obtain flight, genetic mods, high-tech weaponry. This is due to the fact that LUMERIC is in with them and working alongside Dekn. Because of this, their range of Tech is limited to that of Lumeric's, which is vast.


Dekn have the biology of regular humans, with naturally strengthened bones. The only major change is a section of their skull that has jutted slightly outward to allow their Silulic Horns to extend and retract. As the horns retract they do so in a way that turns the horn into an almost ghost-like material that can phase into the skull without harm. In addition due to their mutation, Dekn blood is darker in color and almost black.


Dekn are capable of reproducing like Humans and Arkn, but are incapable of doing so with any race besides Dekn or Humans. Because of this, Dekn-Human Hybrids exist and are very similar to Dekn with the subtraction of horns. Without the horns, their connections to the Silulis is weakened, they can still move objects in the physical world but are incapable of doing the rest of the Dekn abilities.