I will awaken Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel, and together we will bring an end to this war... And if we don't, then I will make certain that all sides will fall.
— Ellpagg, The God of Beetles

Ellpagg (also known as The Knight) is the former Arkn Knight of Battle, Madness, and Beetles. He is the main protagonist of The Knight Shift, a supporting character in Michael's Camera, and a major character in the Arknthology as a whole.

Ellpagg was the last Arkn Prince and only son of King Uriel. As part of the Arkn Council's plans to gain support for the War, he was sent into the Infernous, where he had his memories stripped and underwent countless eons of torment. After losing his Arkn powers, he underwent a bizarre transformation into something of new origin, declaring himself The God of Beetles.

During the Battle of the Arknza, Ellpagg took on the role of the seventh ArknAngel, ultimately defeating The Carver and dying in the process. He was resurrected by De'ebo as a full-blooded Hethe, and moved over to Universe X, where he serves as part of the new pantheon.



Uriel, the Second King of the Arkn, had been born in The Infernous in a union between Gilgamesh and The Carver. At birth, Uriel was imbued with raw Hethian power, courtesy of The Carver himself; this same Hethian blood caused Uriel to absorb some of The Infernous's energy at his conception. As a young man, Uriel tried to re-enter the Infernous, awakening the power within him and creating an infant: Ellpagg. Uncertain of how he did it, Uriel raised Ellpagg as his own son, unaware that Ellpagg was, in fact, Carver's own seed.

As a would-be Arkn knight, Ellpagg trained under Raphael. He was known for being arrogant, cocky, and impatient, disrespecting his elders and even attacking members of The Choir to test his strength. He was later trained under King Uriel, though it is unknown if his status as Uriel's son was common knowledge among the Arkn.

As a knight, Ellpagg fought in the Second Arkn-Dekn War alongside Raphael and Uriel. Raphael described him as not being the best fighter, and still learning his purpose. Secretly, Ellpagg was highly unsure of himself, and longed to prove that he was more than a knight or a born royal.

Multiple eternities after The Carver had slain Gilgamesh and departed from The Golden City, the Arkn Lords gathered together and plotted to kill the Carver in his own realm. Expecting to use Uriel, they were instantly declined when he told them that he was not about to slay a brother, moral or immoral. Unable to depend on Uriel, they found the next best candidate, Ellpagg: the Arkn Knight of Time, Madness, and strangely, BeetlesUnaware of the non-choice selection, Ellpagg believed he was volunteering for the task of convincing the Carver to come out (re-join the Arkn or surrender), when in actuality he had already been selected by the Arkn Council, who were betraying him.

The Knight Shift

As The Knight Shift begins, Ellpagg enters The Infernous, accompanied by two Dekn escorts. He is stripped of his memories (to where he believes he's an ordinary human on his way to a costume party), and undergoes various torments involving himself and a camera, from horrifying illusions to mutilation by Persophelus Redgrave. The camera is given a direct feed into Cloud9 for the majority of Ellpagg's imprisonment, as the "audience" of The Knight Shift assumes the roles of the Arkn and Dekn viewing his torments. Throughout this time, he declares he's going to find a way out.

Eight eternities after his torment begins, the Carver reveals himself and begins his personal torments of Ellpagg. Ellpagg manages to escape the Infernous for a short time through the intervention of The Fragmented Hethe, Malek. During that time, he briefly takes over his supposed guarded human, Michael Knight. However, he is quickly found by the Carver and tricked into returning to the Infernous (under the guise that the Hethe need to see him in person). Aside to this, the Carver is sent straight to the Infernous himself in short order, via a bullet to the skull courtesy of a so-called "fallen Hethe", calling himself Edgar Kharon.

Now back in the Infernous, Ellpagg and the Carver find themselves imprisoned together (due to Carver being bound to the body of Lucifer Anton). With the newfound knowledge that he can escape, Ellpagg promises The Carver that they will get out together. However, the Infernous begins molding to Carver's fears, causing him to face his personal hell: being overpowered by a corrupted, evil Ellpagg. While this happens, the real Ellpagg wakes up alone in a bathroom, and is attacked by an illusion of a Lurker -- which turns out to be the Carver. Carver threatens Ellpagg, and they get into a fight. Ellpagg reveals that he now has all of his memories, and demands to know why Carver murdered Xeth'i'stral. Carver orders Ellpagg to be silent, but Ellpagg mocks him, pointing out that for all his threats, Carver cannot permanently kill him in The Infernous. The two battle, which ends with Ellpagg being the victor.

Ellpagg briefly departs from Carver, confessing his fears to the Cloud9 stream. He returns to find that his confrontation with The Carver has left Carver bleeding. Unaware of why this is, Ellpagg finds out that the Carver's human vessel is slowly taking over in the Infernous, causing the Carver to be somewhat mortal; this means the injuries sustained during the fight, while appearing minor, will end up killing him. Ellpagg frantically tries to find a fix to this; learning that the Hethe travel through the Infinity Hallway, he runs up to try to find them. As he reaches the Hallway, The Carver dies offscreen, and his powers transfer to the nearest conduit: Ellpagg. This painfully strips Ellpagg of his Arkn wings, and gives him the power of a Dekn Lord, along with all of his memories plus the Carver's. Additionally, he gains a sort of cosmic awareness; this suddenly hits Ellpagg, as he learns of the Arkn Lords' plans to not only betray him, but turn him into a Dekn Lord in order to show to the Arkn community that the Dekn have the power to turn their best warriors to darkness. Upon realizing this, Ellpagg is distraught and attempts to gouge his eyes out, to no avail.

Returning from the Infinity Hallway, Ellpagg finds an empty Infernous with no trace of the Carver. Enraged, he uses his amplified powers of time to awaken the Arknangels. He gives Tobias a note that says "YOU'RE TAKING THEM WRONG"). He inserts himself into Michael's second reality and declares himself to be his Guardian Arkn; after threatening Persophelus Redgrave not to mess with Michael, he tears open a portal to a new timeline, shoving Michael through it. Returning back to his time and the Infernous, Knight goes finds Uriel, now known as Alex Winter, and tears up three pieces of paper that will inevitably lead to his awakening. The paper's read "FIND. AND. RECORD.". Ellpagg then briefly returns to the Infernous. Venting his rage to the camera, he denounces his role as a Dekn Lord and severs all ties with the Arkn, declaring himself to be his own entity – and as such, a god. After this occurs, the Cloud9 stream is shut down, referencing what looks like editing errors as the reason, when in reality, Ellpagg escaped and is coming for them. After butchering the entirety of Cloud9's populace, Ellpagg departs to found the city of Arkaissa, where all neutral individuals can live safely.

Michael's Camera

After escaping from the Infernous, Ellpagg appears through Michael Knight, posing as his Guardian Arkn (when in reality, he is in his post-shift stage by this time). Together, Ellpagg and Michael search for the Condor, a Skethe posing as a Lurker. However, upon learning that the Condor is a Skethe, Ellpagg beats Michael and declares that he and the other Arkn aren't the good guys. Ellpagg hopes that this will drive Michael towards neutrality. This is shown to have failed afterwards, as Michael aligns himself with the Dekn instead. Upon learning this, Ellpagg returns and warns Michael to stop interacting with Tobias Kestler and Alex Winter. Michael then proceeds to head into the Beyond to retrieve his doll, Dale.

Due to Michael aligning himself with the Dekn, Ellpagg detaches from him, allowing Persophelus Crow to move in and declare himself Michael's new Guardian. Crow begins ordering Michael to trap and kill Arkn; however, Ellpagg returns out of nowhere and sends Michael on a .Relapse, which sends him right into the path of The Hooks Killer (who guts him). After he gets out of the Infernous, Michael becomes possessed by the Carver (his true father and Guardian), and Ellpagg realizes Michael's Nephilim status and true parentage. After conveying this information to his underling, Azrael, Ellpagg releases a shard of Malek. Malek possesses Ellpagg (using Azrael as a Shade), and goes off to fight the now Carver-possessed Michael. Carver escapes, however, and Azrael stays behind in .Reality, taking up Michael's camera.

Azrael later attempts to consult Ellpagg for help. Ellpagg appears and takes over Azrael's body, instructing him to get in contact with Raphael and Cedric Kharon and find a way back into the Infinitium. He also tells Azrael that he has to "go guard a whiny bitch". Before he leaves, Ellpagg takes on a human appearance (shedding his armor, changing into street clothes and putting on a pair of sunglasses to hide his blue eyes), and tells Azrael not to contact him again, because the next time they meet, he will be on the receiving end of Azrael's revolver. Ellpagg then departs, leaving Azrael distraught.

Solar's Crimson

In Solar's Crimson, after escaping from The Infernous, Azrael summons Ellpagg (despite his earlier warnings) in an attempt to inform him that Uriel had made a deal with The Carver to gain control over The Infernous. Ellpagg appears splattered in blood, shortly after Azrael leaves. Angry that Azrael interrupted him in his work as King of Arkaissa, Ellpagg angrily beheads the teddy bear Azrael got from Marc and departs. Distraught, Azrael meets with Del'Phar, who reveals that he was part of the Council that sent Ellpagg into The Infernous. Azrael insists that he needs to confront Ellpagg, but Del'Phar informs him he isn't ready. Del'Phar goes into the Garage entrance to The Infernous in Azrael's place, and confronts Ellpagg. The two of them fight, and Del'Phar tries to tell Ellpagg that Uriel made a deal with The Carver; Ellpagg doesn't believe him, and tells Del'Phar to inform the Arknangels that there's a war coming. He then teleports out of the garage, leaving Del'Phar to comment on how sorry he is, and that Ellpagg deserved better.

Upon leaving the Garage, Azrael remarks on how much Ellpagg's personality has changed over time, from when he first started training him. Del'Phar tells Azrael that Ellpagg took part of The Carver with him when he left The Infernous; he believes that this aspect of The Carver has been gradually warping Ellpagg's mind, moulding him into another version (or spiritual successor) of The Carver. Ellpagg then appears unexpectedly, causing Azrael to drop the camera and teleport away in fear. Ellpagg informs Del'Phar that he needs to kill Azrael in order to fulfill the prophecy and jump-start the End Times, so that he can kill The Carver; until then, the Arknza are standing in his way. Del'Phar and Ellpagg fight, and both are badly wounded. Ellpagg teleports away, and Azrael re-appears in time for Del'Phar to transfer his own Hethian blood to him before sending him away (and apparently dying).

At a later time, Azrael finds and uploads an old video that was recorded during Ellpagg's imprisonment in The Infernous with The Carver. The video shows the friendship that had developed between the two of them at the time, with Carver trying to help and protect Ellpagg as The Infernous begins turning against him. After seeing the video on Azrael's channel, Ellpagg appears and knocks Michaelis out with a snap of his fingers, taking his place.

While Michaelis is "asleep", Ellpagg leaves a furious message for him on his camera (while wearing Del'Phar's scarf as a "trophy"). Throughout the video, Ellpagg's voice and the pictures distorts. After telling Azrael off for uploading his personal "candids", Ellpagg informs Azrael that he's going to violate his own privacy as punishment. Ellpagg tells Azrael that he hates him and the other Arknza, because they are preventing him from killing The Carver. He orders Azrael to quit moping around and face his destiny as an Arknangel and his siblings, both of whom (Alex and Elizabeth) are still alive. Finally, he informs Azrael that a war is coming; he and the other Arknangels are going to get the power of the Hethe, and they will fight The Carver, whether he likes it or not. He then awakens Azrael with another finger snap as he teleports away.


In Wayward_Winter, The Carver takes full control of Ellpagg and delivers a message for Alex Winter, informing him that he is trying to kill him. Due to this, Allastar, the Dekn High Priest, has to move Alex to a safe pocket in The Infernous for his own protection. During this time, Alex learns that many other versions of himself have been killed off by Ellpagg (due to Carver attempting to find "Alex Prime").

The Battle of the Arknza

Some time after this, The Carver awakens the newly-released soul of Gilgamesh into Ellpagg's body. However, Carver still uses Ellpagg's vessel as a shade for various activities.


Appearance & Abilities

Initially in The Knight Shift, Ellpagg appears as an ordinary young man (resembling Michael slightly). However, upon finding the Dragon Cane, his Arkn form begins to convey itself through blue glowing eyes. Ellpagg frequently dresses in clothing resembling modernized knight's armor. When he wishes to appear more "human", he wears a black, blue-trimmed hoodie and hides his blue eyes with sunglasses (or a glamour).

In addition to his knight training, Ellpagg has numerous magickal abilities. He is able to conjure the Dragon Cane (Dragonier), and has the power of telekinesis (a power normally reserved for Dekn and Nephilim), which he uses in The Knight Shift to open doors). After his time in the Infernous, he also possesses amplified powers over time; he is easily able to track down others in .Reality (in addition to being able to travel between timelines), and can create portals between the various timelines. Most notably, Ellpagg has the extremely rare ability to create Shades of himself, allowing him to be in two places at the same time.


I'm Michael's guardian Arkn.... Bitches!
— Ellpagg
It's almost as if you think the Arkn are the 'good guys'. News flash: we're not. 'Good' implies we follow the moral balance you humans do. And we don't. I don't know what you call 'good', but it sure as hell isn't me.
— Ellpagg to Michael Knight.
When I beheaded your teddy bear and when I killed your mentor, your...sort-of mentor, I didn't do it to test you. I did it because I hate you, Michaelis. You are an Arknza. FUCK the Arknza! You exist to fuck up The Carver's plan. Who, in turn, exists to fuck up MY plan! When I kill his ass, you people are going to stand in my way, because you people have power and you don't want something like me, a FUCKING MONSTER, to be in a position of power! ...Sorry, I got a little personal there.
— Ellpagg, to Azrael