Ersis is the largest of the two Over-Realms. It contains the Seeds (on which Humanity lives and thrives), and is maintained and guarded by the Ythen. The realm keeps Humanity safe from the Lathrym's inhabitants and their warfare.

The Seeds

The Seeds are mini-universal orbs. They were created by Fab'ras to house the first race, Humanity. Ced'ric and De'ebolus initially protected them (and the humans living within them); after the realm had finished completion, the task of guarding the Seeds was assigned to the Ythen.

There are five main Seeds at any given time. In order to exit the seeds, one must go through a wormhole located somewhere random in the seeable universe.

The five main seeds are as follows:

  • Courn (Seed 1)
  • Hecc (Seed 2)
  • Ifred (Seed 3)
  • Xren (Seed 4)
  • Big (Seed 5)


Anytime one of the Seeds is deemed unfit to stay connected (be it through Arkn and Dekn tampering gone too far, or catastrophic events occurring), it is copied to a time before the event occurred, while the copy with the event in place is pushed away from the five, set to orbit around Ersis. Orbiting unfit Seeds are known as Outliers. Outliers house active life and can continue to develop, until they hit an apocalyptic state and are destroyed. All Outliers will eventually reach an apocalyptic state, due to not being maintained by the Ythen. When and how they reach this state is mostly random. As soon as a Seed hits outlier state, it is immediately under the jurisdiction of SEEKER, which handles the Outlier seeds and is often in charge of wiping them out (or "culling" them).

The Ythen

The Ythen were created by Fab'ras to maintain the Seeds (as the Hethe are essentially powerless). They appear as giant humanoids, with a pulsing, galaxy-like skin. Ythen will watch over the Seeds and regulate Arkn and Dekn traffic into them as well as providing the necessary transmogs for them, lest they go in unregistered and "illegal". Alongside this, they deal with any sort of offender, Arkn or Dekn, with a harsh punishment if the offender starts any sort of conflict that may out the existence of Arkn and Dekn within the Seed.


Humanity developed in Universe X due to the blueprints already existing within .Mainframe. De'ebolus used the last of his power to kickstart their development while Fab'ras protected them inside of the Seeds.

Originally, humanity was meant to stay within the Seeds, but due to the U.M.E.E.C. discovering the exit from the Courn Seed hidden behind Earth's moon conveniently, they were able to exit and evolve beyond the Seeds. In addition to pure humans existing within the Seeds, Arkn and Dekn that have mingled with humans may create half-breed offspring that live among humanity. These half-breeds contain some shard of power from their Arkn, or Dekn, parent, and can easily move about Humanity without being discovered unless their powers are seen and spread.