Ethri is a type of energy found in Universe X. It emanates from an entity called Tatsuonga in The Source, and can be found throughout the Lathrym (and even Ersis) in a number of forms. Arkn and Arkn half-breeds channel Ethri to practice a type of magic known as Ethrial Manipulation, and most sentient beings (including Arkn, Dekn, half-breeds, and even humans) can utilize Ethric energy to charge Siy. Both SEEKER and U.M.E.E.C. have developed technology based around Ethric energy.

Due to its supernatural properties and applications, Ethri is extremely valuable to both the Arkn and the Dekn. Competition for Ethri is one of the main causes of the war between the two races.


During the creation of .Mainframe, a rebooted .Reality core was used to create a connection between the base and the universe on top of it. Alongside this, a split in the core was created to allow for the universe to be boxed in. This split core was taken over by Fab'rasi; here, the Hethe expended the last of its power to create Tatsuonga: the wellspring of all Ethric energy.

The energy emanating from Tatsuonga began to flow throughout creation. The humans of Ersis were unaware of this energy, however, until a tear in the Silulis exposed the population of an Origin Seed to Ethri, causing them to start to mutate. After this population wound up in the Lathrym, Fab'rasi activated the dormant Ethri in half of the humans; the mystical energy aided in their mutation, transforming them into Arkn. The Arkn later discovered that they could charge the Ethri in their blood and channel it, directly accessing Tatsuonga's power to practice magic. The Dekn, however, lacked this natural Ethri, and had to find an Ethric charge from an external source if they wished to practice magic.

The Ethric Mind and the origin of Ethri is known to mortal beings only from scrolls and books written by Jacques. The Source is inaccessible, with no known entrances.


While Ethri itself is a type of energy, it can be be found in liquid, gaseous, and solid form.

Liquid Ethri is known as Ethric Fluid. In addition, ancient super volcanoes of Ethri (such as Mortavrest) can be found; these produce a gaseous form of Ethri called Ethric Steam, which can act as a charge (and even powers some tech in Mistri). Super-heated Ethric Fluid leaves behind a crystallized residue that is naturally charged with Ethri; this residue is known as Ethric Crystals. There are three types of Ethric Crystals:

  • Natural Ethrics: These crystals are naturally charged with ethric energy. However, their energy is finite, and cannot be recharged. Often used by Dekn to charge Siy.
  • Rethycs: Naturally empty crystals which can be charged and recharged. Will break after extensive use. Often used in U.M.E.E.C. and SEEKER technology.
  • Nullithics: Crystals formed from Ethric Volcanoes that cannot hold a charge or be charged. Due to their durability and wide range of colors, they are often used in jewelry and other ornamental objects.

Ethric Crystals are extremely valuable to the Arkn and Dekn alike. They are used as currency throughout the Lathrym (as well as in transactions in Ersis). Ethrics used as currency are typically cut down into a small, pebble-sized crystals (as even a small crystal can hold a long-lasting charge); a singular crystal piece is called an Etherl, while multiple coins are known as Etherin. Larger Ethric crystals, which hold a stronger, longer-lasting charge, are often needed for magic-infused technology (such as Ethric firearms); however, these are far rarer and more difficult to obtain.

The Sanguinal'estiere made its fortune through the Ethric black market (and in fact established Blood Flags just to help them launder Ethric Crystals).

Blood Ethri

Arkn have Ethric energy contained in their blood (i.e. their blood itself possesses Ethric properties). This gives them a direct connection to the Tatsuonga, and allows them to channel its power naturally. Arkn in the Lathrym practice magic by using Ethri to charge sigils and create auras.

Half-breed Arkn (or Hurn) do not have Ethric in their blood, and must channel Ethri raw. Because of this, they cannot reach the power of a full-blood Arkn, and cannot channel an aura without the use of Rethryc Crystals.

Dekn cannot channel Ethri, and so cannot fully tap into the Tatsuonga. However, they can tap into it mentally enough to draw sigils, which can be charged with Rethyc crystals to be activated (a form of magic known as Siy, which the Arkn also practice).