Forbidden Knowledge
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"Remembrance, part of every life. Endless regrets, it's the art of passing time."
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Seasons 1
Episodes 3
Written By Candlewalker
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Directed By Candlewalker
Canon Multiple
Crossovers None

Forbidden Knowledge is an Arkn Mythos vlog and blog created by Candlewalker. It tells the story of the Arkn muse Ambriel and her awakening as an ArknAngel.


Book of The Mother / Forbidden Knowledge (Blog)

This blog tells the story of Ambriel before her departure from the Paradisium. The reader follows Ambriel's firsthand account of her lessons with Raziel and King Uriel, as she discovers the secret history of The Golden Cities, her true identity, and her destiny.  

The blog is later revealed to be Ambriel's private journal, given to Ellpagg right before she left for Earth. 

Forbidden Knowledge (Vlog)

The vlog portion of the series follows Ambriel's further adventures as she hides out on Earth, before being caught by the Carver and sent to the Infernous.



Season 1 (Officially Cancelled)