Franz Faust (birth name Franziska Helena Faust) is a Half-Arkn who obsessively researches the culture of the Arkn and the Dekn. He is the descendant of Gavreel Irinith, the Arkn Prince of Avantas'tol. He is willing to attain knowledge of the Arkn and Dekn cultures at any cost, leaving him open to manipulation.

He is a main character in Arkn: Legacy, as well as the main protagonist of Staff of the Scholar.


Faust was born from the union of the Arkn warrior Tabbris Irinith and an artist by the name of Astrid Faust. He was raised alongside Tabbris for part of his life and grew up in Avantas'tol. After an incident with Sevar'khai where Sevar'khai wounded Faust badly, Tabbris made the decision to have Faust live with the woman who had birthed him for his own good. From there, Faust rarely saw Tabbris again and mainly was raised by his human mother, Astrid.

Faust developed into a wild young boy with an innate desire for conquest - a side effect of his bloodline, along with the temper tantrums it gave him. He spoke little to no English and would often fly into a rage when his mother would not understand what he wanted.

However, his father Tabbris had left him with an innate desire for knowledge which tempered his rage and only grew further. Over the years, Faust began to compile an archive of Arkn and Dekn culture, if only to ease his homesickness.

At some point, he grew acquainted with his current friends For'ende Elext and (later on) Petrel Raverne.

A few years before the events of Staff of the Scholar, Franz Faust learned how to summon Gavreel's Thorn and from there grew in his skill with Gavreel's Thorn until he was one of the most technically accomplished Half-Arkn in his city. By the time Staff of the Scholar begins, Faust is a far cry from a flimsy scholar - he's a warrior and scholar beyond any Half-Arkn his age.


See Staff of the Scholar for more info. To be expanded on in the future.


I’ve got myself fucked sideways, and I’ve entered into a bargain that will most likely get me maimed.

All for knowledge. Sometimes I wonder why I reach so far for what seems like an impossible prize.

Ah, but I can’t help myself, can I..? It’s always there. The mysteries, the unanswered nagging little questions. I hate leaving such questions unanswered.

"I’ve the blood of angels in me, and I just got done beating a man so hard in my fury he is the sole possessor of a swollen ankle and a heavy limp."
The endless possibilities! Learning what was, the true creation of this world, the Endtimes, what came before... And the knowledge that could be gleaned from parts of past Arkn culture! Hethe take me, I’m practically shivering with excitement just thinking of the thought...