Gilgamesh Xeth'i'stral was the second Arkn brought into existence and was the First Arkn King.


The Arkn Lord of Battle; Gilgamesh Xeth'i'stral was the first of the original four Arkn to attach to humanity as a guardian. While the intentions were good, Gilgamesh mistakenly started the first war of mankind. For this, he was separated from contacting the other Arkn and remained a God in the eyes of humanity. This sight angered the Arkn Lord Hash'bor'kanibal, who wanted the attention. Hash'born went down to humanity's realm to reason with Gilgamesh, but a fight ensued and ended up destroying a large portion of humanity along with the Seraphim, save for the surviving Phobos. This destruction enraged Hash'born, who preceded to behead Gilgamesh and carve his skull into a weapon. Gilgamesh's legend did not end there. Promptly after on-the-spot leaving the Arkn, the now known as Carver brought the bones of Gilgamesh to a place of pure darkness and began to construct the Infernous. Once complete, the Carver allowed Gilgamesh to transfer part of his living legacy into a child before he sealed him away in darkness and torment. From here, his fear and agony began to form itself into a source of pure power, which the Carver used to fuel the molding of the Infernous by trapping Gilgamesh forever in this state of agony. He is known to the Dekn as The Heart of the Infernous.

His child, however, was released and placed on the golden steps of the Arkn Cabinet's temple in Elysia to be trained and raised.

This child was the Arknangel King of Battle, Uriel.


Gilgamesh was known to dawn heavy, golden Armor that even had wing plating allowing the individual feathers to be sword-sharp and battle-ready. His crown was crafted from the very gold that lined Elysia and his sword was made from the wood of the First Tree, and high-forged Arkn Steel at the courtesy of Helios. Physically Gilgamesh had long, flowing golden hair and a well-trimmed full beard. While being one of the most strong Arkn, Gil was not as muscled as his strength showed, as he was more heavy set and tall then muscular.


While preferring strength to magick, Gilgamesh possesses a very strong tie to Magick, notably being able to use Hethian power to create a shockwave, the same shockwave that destroyed a large portion of humanity and his own army of Seraphim.