Gilgamesh Xeth'i'stral is the First King of the Arkn. He entered into an illicit partnership with the Dekn Emperor Hash'bor'kanibal, who later killed him in battle (on his request). He was pulled into the underworld, where his essence became the fuel for The Infernous. Gilgamesh is the the father of Uriel, the adoptive father of Helios, and the grandfather of Ellpagg and Seraphina.

Gilgamesh is eventually released from The Infernous by Azrael, and raised into the vessel of his grandson, Ellpagg. He serves as The Carver's second-in-command during the Battle of the Arknza, until he is killed again by Azrael and Ellpagg, this time for good (after the latter separates from him).



After the Hethe Leg'leg destroyed the creation of Malek, it was forbidden to create a Deedrn. Instead, it created the second Arkn, Xeth'i'stral. Xeth'i'stral was endowed with Leg'leg's cruelty, as well as his destructive nature. Xeth'i'stral aided the Arkn in the first battle against the Dekn, helping the Arkn to lay claim to the First Tree. Due to this, he was renowned among the Arkn, becoming known as the Arkn Lord of Battle.

When the Dekn attacked and reclaimed the Tree, the Hethe gifted the Arkn with weapons to help them fight back. Xeth'is'stral was given Immulsyr, a great hook, which became his signature weapon.

At the height of the War, Xeth'i'stral aided the first three Arkn in a ritual: on Raziel's instruction, he cut his hand and bled into a chalice, lending his pure Hethe-infused blood to a concoction which was poured into the First Tree; this led to the creation of Magick, which birthed the realm of the Arkn and The Golden Cities.

The First King of the Arkn

In time, Xeth'i'stral rose up to become the first King of the Arkn, with a new title: the Arkn Lord of Kings and Rule. In the lull period following the First War, he feared losing his influence over the Arkn (as well as being overthrown by one more powerful than himself). Despite taking a vow before the Hethe not to pass on his power by creating a child, Xeth'i'stral took for himself a mate, the Arkn High Priestess Kry'atha. The two attempted to create an offspring, but their efforts failed when Kry'atha initiated the procreation ritual without his consent, enraging him. Departing from Kry'atha, Xeth'i'stral sought out the affections of a beautiful Arkn Lord and soldier, Hash'bor'kanibal, whom he knighted.

Xeth'i'stral later discovered that Hash'bor was secretly a Dekn noble in disguise. However, he continued the affair, and he realized the power and control their partnership afforded him. To keep the Arkn from forgetting about their rivalry with the Dekn, Xeth'is'stral began ordering covert attacks on Arkn cities, sometimes with Hash'bor's help. He claimed that these devastating attacks were the work of a fearful, skeletal Dekn warlord named "The Carver".

Around this same time, the Arkn established The Watchers, a group of 200 Arkn who were dispatched to watch over humanity in their realm. However, the Watchers soon began to mingle with humans, and interacted with them firsthand. Soon, other Arkn followed their example; Xeth'i'stral joined in their activities, and became the first of the Arkn to attach himself to a human, becoming the Guardian Arkn of Lord Gilgamesh of Mesopotamia. While the intentions were good, Xeth'i'stral mistakenly started the first war of mankind, and ended up becoming a god in the eyes of Humanity. He took the name of his guarded human, being known henceforth as Gilgamesh Xeth'i'stral.

The Damnation of the King

With Hash'bor acting as his personal spy, Gilgamesh soon had his worst fears realized: the Arknmagus, Raziel, had betrayed his vow of celibacy and produced a family. Worse, Kry'atha had entered into an affair with Raziel's daughter, Jos'sephine, and produced a child with her. Enraged, Gilgamesh went before the Council of Paradisium and accused Raziel of breaking his vow before the Hethe. With the help of Hash'bor's manipulative Dekn mental powers, he had Raziel convicted and his family sentenced to death. Gilgamesh had Raziel's magick college shut down for the crime of experimenting with perverse Dekn magicks, and started a pogrom to round up all the magi in the Paradisium.

Shortly after this, King Gilgamesh pretended to "discover" Hash'bor'kanibal's treachery. The two met on the battlefield in humanity's realm and fought. In the midst of the battle, Gilgamesh spoke a word in the Hethian tongue, generating a massive shockwave that destroyed the Seraphim (save for Phobos). In the wake of this destruction, Hash'bor subdued and beheaded Gilgamesh, revealing himself before all to be a Dekn Lord. He carved Gilgamesh's skull into a set of knuckle dusters, one of which was attached to Imulsyr (which he dubbed the "Killer of Kings").

Promptly after on-the-spot leaving the Arkn, Hash'bor – now known as "The Carver", and the greatest enemy of the Arkn – brought the bones of Gilgamesh to a place of pure darkness and began to construct The Infernous. Once the realm was complete, The Carver allowed Gilgamesh to transfer part of his living legacy into a child, before sealing him away in darkness and torment. From here, his fear and agony began to form itself into a source of pure power; Carver used this to fuel the molding of the Infernous, by trapping Gilgamesh forever in this state of agony. The former Arkn King became known as The Heart of the Infernous. (Unbeknownst to both the Arkn and the Dekn, however, this was a complete and total lie: Gilgamesh rested comfortably in his own cell, and was even able to come and go as he pleased in the realm.)

The son of Gilgamesh and The Carver was released from The Infernous and left on the golden steps of the Council House in Elysia, to be raised by Lazarus Del'Phar. This child was the ArknAngel and Arkn King of Battle, Uriel.


The Battle of the Arknza (Universe X)

Some time before the End Times, Gilgamesh is released from The Infernous by Azrael as the realm begins breaking down. Now revealed to have been the secret partner and ally of The Carver, he is raised into a series of living vessels, the last of which is his grandson, Ellpagg (now himself being manipulated by The Carver). Gilgamesh joins The Carver by his side on the battlefield, fighting against the ArknAngels, including his own son Uriel. Gilgamesh uses Ellpagg's body to kill the Arknangel Raziel (who is attempting to get through to the possessed Ellpagg). However, absorbing Raziel's spirit gives Ellpagg the strength to break free of Gilgamesh's hold, and the two separate into two different beings. Now an independent being, Ellpagg joins Azrael Michaelis Winter in fighting Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is defeated and killed – this time for good.

Universe E

In Universe E, Gilgamesh meets the same death as his Universe A counterpart, suffering the same fate. However, he is never released from The Infernous, and likely remains in the realm until its eventual destruction.

Appearance & Abilities

Physically, Gilgamesh had long, flowing dark hair and a full, well-trimmed beard. While being one of the most strong Arkn, Gil was not as muscled as his strength showed, as he was more heavyset and tall than muscular. He is described as being very beautiful in appearance. Gilgamesh was known to don heavy, golden armor that even had wing plating, allowing the individual feathers to be sword-sharp and battle ready. His crown was crafted from the very gold that lined the streets of Elysia, and his sword was made from the wood of the First Tree and high-forged Arkn Steel (at the courtesy of Helios).

While preferring strength to magick (and being fearful of it), Gilgamesh possessed a very strong tie to magick due to his Hethian blood. Notably, he was able to use Hethian power to create a shockwave (which destroyed a large portion of humanity and his own army of Seraphim).