The Hethe of Universe X are a group of god-like entities, formerly from Universe A, who watch over the mortal realms. Their "pantheon" was formed in the wake of The Battle of the Arknza. Unlike their predecessors, they are mostly powerless, and need to employ lesser entities to maintain order.


Billions of Infinities into the future of the Universe A, Universe X was born. The old Hethe of Universe A attempted to take over the newly-forming universe, but found that they lacked the power to do so, as they were not the creators of this new existence: The Carver was. De’ebo accepted this, and sat back to watch in spite over the newly-growing universe alongside his right hand Fab’ras, Cedric Kharon, Redgrave, and Ellpagg (who had been raised from the dead as a true Hethe). The rest of the Hethe, however, were not content with a powerless existence; Cre'vial, Leg'leg, Zag’orv, Tum'to, and Gar'sha crossed back over into A to try reclaim the universe they once ruled.

Unfortunately, Voidweb had grown massive and uncontrolled. Leg’leg was overtaken by the God Eater, with Garsha soon following suit. The Hethe tried to contact De’ebo for assistance, but he was keeping watch over the newly-birthed universe, completely blind to the battle taking place in A. Zag’orv, Tum’to, and Cre’vial all attempted evacuation. As they entered Xua (their former home realm), Tum’to stayed back to hold off Voidweb as they escaped, and was attacked. Cre’vial and Zag’orv were sealing away the entrance and exit to Xua when the Voidweb-infected Tum’to burst in, attacking Cre’vial and consuming him. With Cre'vial consumed, Voidweb now had the ability to transcend existence into X. However, the Hethe that had stayed in X remain safe – for the time being.


The Hethe of Universe X include De'ebolus, El'lepagi, Fab'rasi, and Ced'ric.


Ced'ric is the fully-grown and evolved Cedric Kharon, son of De'ebo and Zag'orv. Via a sort of loophole, Ced'ric has retained the power of the Universe A Hethe, and is able to use it to its full extent, making him the most powerful member of the panthon. His biggest addition to Universe X is the creation of the Sil'ulis. Initially, he watched and guarded over the humans of the Origin Seeds alongside El'lepagi. Unfortunately, his coming of age began to change him; he began craving chaos, like the Hethe of old. He is believed to be responsible for many of the issues and races within the Lathrym (including The Absent), and may have been involved in the creation of special Half-Breeds within Ersis.

Ced'ric is regarded as a fearful trickster god of chaos and ambition by the Arkn and Dekn alike. Those entering into risky ventures often pray to him and make offerings in his name, and it is common practice to wear an item in his signature color (orange) or jewelry bearing his symbol (two perfectly round circles) for good luck. Pranksters and comedians often invoke his name, as did court jesters in the early days.


De'ebolus is a re-formed De'ebo, the former head of the old Hethe pantheon. After the creation of the Origin Seeds and the evolution of humanity, De'ebolus decided he wanted beings that would be capable of going to war. He took one of the Seeds and separated it from its twin, pushing it out of Ersis and into the Lathrym; the Seed split, creating two new realms. De'ebo claimed one for himself; he forcibly mutated the former humans of his realm into a new race of Dekn, giving them similar mental powers and a more aggressive, warlike personality.

De'ebolus is regarded as a war god by both the Arkn and the Dekn. The Dekn venerate him as their patron deity, as well as the Creator God of the Elevrium. The Arkn regard De'ebolus with fearful reverence, such that they even avoid speaking his name when it isn't necessary. (This even extends to their creation myth, which merely refers to "something" which pushed the Seed into the Lathrym.) The phrase "De'ebolus-fearing" is common among the Arkn. De'ebolus's signature color is red; his symbol is a pair of horns.


Fab'rasi (formerly known as Fab'ras) grew accustomed to Universe X. He retained some of his godly power, which he used to create the Ethric Beast Tatsuonga. He then used the humans on his portion of the Origin Seed to create a new race of Arkn. He bestowed some of his own power unto them in the form of Ethri, which was infused into their blood, granting them mystical powers similar to those of the Arkn of the old world. In addition to this, Ethri began to flow naturally in some places, believed to have originated from a mythical location known in Jacques's texts as The Source. Unfortunately, Fab'rasi's work with the Arkn put him at odds with De'ebolus; whereas Fab'rasi wanted magical, enlightened, peaceful beings, De'ebolus wanted war machines. Eventually, the Hethe went to war because of their differing ideals, using the Arkn and Dekn races as their personal "armies".

Fab'rasi is regarded as a god of wisdom. He is the patron deity of the Arkn and of scholars, as well as all who question; he is often referred to as "Fab'rasi the Wise, God of All Who Seek Knowledge". Fab'rasi, for his part, often assists the Arkn by whispering advice and instructions; in particular, he regularly helps out the Arkn civilization that is stationed nearby him, in the sub-realm of Calat. Fab'rasi's signature color is silver; his symbol is an open book, a question mark, or the Ersian animal known as the horse.


El'lepagi is the Hethianized Ellpagg, brought up to Hethe level after being killed by Carver in the the final battle. He was moved over into Universe X by request, as he didn't wish to stay in Universe A. While he retained the power of the Arknza from the previous universe, El'lepagi mainly stayed in hiding, dispersing the relics that Jacques brought over and hiding them for questers to find. After the creation of humanity in the Seeds, he quietly watched over and guarded them alongside Ced'ric.

After witnessing Ced'ric's gradual corruption, El'lepagi came out of hiding and used all of his Hethian power to influence the laws of existence, creating the ability for Risen to occur. These were beings that started out as humans, and after death were reincarnated into the next consecutive type of being (be it Arkn or Dekn). The outcome was random, but always led to the same effect: a human-like being with the power of channeling both Ethri and the psychic powers of the Dekn. As time passed and the Risen evolved, El'lepagi went into hiding, as Cedric was lost to his chaos-craving darkside.

The Arkn view El'lepagi as a beloved deity, second only to Fab'rasi in importance. He is revered as the God of Battle, Beetles, and Mind, and the paragon of everything Arkn (being a king, a divine mystical being, a warrior, and a creator – i.e. an artist – all in one). Warriors pray to him and don his medallion before going into battle, and those suffering from mental illness or imbalance will often turn to him for healing, asking him to "take my madness unto your glory." His emblem is a winged sword or a beetle, and his signature color is cobalt blue.