The Hethe of Universe X are a group of god-like entities from the previous universe who watch over the mortal realms. Unlike their predecessors, they are mostly powerless, and need to employ a group of lesser deities to maintain order.


This Hethe "pantheon" was formed when powerful entities from Universe A departed from the old universe, moving over to the newly-created Universe X. Some of these beings were part of the old Hethe pantheon, while others were only recently deified. The Hethe of Universe X include De'ebolus, Ellep'agi, Fab'rasi, and Ced'ric.

De'ebolus is a re-formed De'ebo, the former head of the old Hethe pantheon. Unlike in his previous existence, he is unable to utilize the power of raw creation or manipulate the universe to his liking; as a result, he went into hiding somewhere in the Lathrym, where he will only to be disturbed by Malachi (and a few others who have found him).

Fab'rasi (formerly known as Fabras) has grown accustomed to Universe X, and has retained some of his godly power, unlike De'ebolus. With this power, he will occasionally help out an Arkn civilization that is stationed near by him, in the sub-realm of Calat. Having enough power to do so, Fab'rasi created Ethri, and bestowed it onto the Arkn. In addition to this, Ethri began to flow naturally in some places, and is believed to have originated from a mythical location known in Jacques's texts as The Source. The Source is said to be the reason for naturally flowing Ethri.

Ellep'agi is the Hethianized Ellpagg, brought up to Hethe level after being killed by Carver in the The Finale. He was moved over into Universe X by request, as he didn't wish to stay in Universe A. While he retains the power of the Arknza from the previous universe, Ellep'agi mainly stays in hiding, dispersing the Relics that Jacques has brought over and hiding them for questers to find.

Ced'ric is the fully-grown and evolved Cedric Kharon, son of De'ebo and Zag'orv, adopted by Edgar. Via a sort of loophole, Ced'ric has retained the power of the Universe A Hethe, and is able to use it to its full extent, making him the most powerful of the Four Universe X Hethe. Unfortunately, his evil corruption (similar to that which the Universe A Hethe went through as they came of age) has caused him to become a more malicious being, and he is responsible for many of the issues and races within the Lathrym, including The Absent, and may have been involved in the creation of special Half-Breeds within Ersis. His biggest addition to Universe X is the addition of the Sil'ulis.

The Fate of Universe A's Hethe

Billions of Infinities into the future of the Universe A, Voidweb has grown massive and uncontrolled. As Universe X developed, De’ebo watched in spite over this newly growing universe alongside his right hand, Fab’ras. While the two Gods kept watch over this newly birthed universe, they were blind to the battle taking place in A. Meanwhile, Hethian God Leg’leg was overtaken by the God Eater known as Voidweb, with Garsha soon following suit. Zag’orv, Tum’to, and Cre’vial all attempted evacuation, unable to contact De’ebo. As they enter Xua, their Realm, Tum’to stayed back to hold it off as they escaped, but was attacked. Cre’vial and Zag’orv were sealing away the entrance and exit to Xua when the Voidweb-infected Tum’to burst in, attacking Cre’vial and consuming him. With Cre'vial consumed, the only remaining Universe A Hethe stayed in Universe X, where they are safe -- for the time being.