The Hethian Scrolls of Creation were a powerful metaphysical artifact of Universe A containing the power of raw creation, which could only be wielded by a Hethe. They played a key role in the creation of Universe X.



It is unknown when or why the Scrolls were created, but they apparently began forming in Xua when the Old World Hethe emptied out their remaining power of creation (which existed as its own energy of sorts). The last to contribute was Malek, who emptied his own power in anger after his greatest creation, the Nexellium, was destroyed by Leg'leg. Malek quickly seized the collective energy (which he condensed into the form of a set of metaphysical "scrolls") and departed from the realm, preventing the Hethe from further creation.

The Plan

When the first Dekn, Hash'bor'kanibal, learned of the Scrolls, he began crafting a plan to create a new universe, free from the malign influence of the Hethe. By that time, however, Malek had already fled Xua, taking the Scrolls with him. The Carver located Malek and went to him, explaining his plan. Malek was more than willing to help; however, the act of as he had split himself into numerous pieces, he was no longer a true Hethe, and was unable wield the Scrolls under his own power. Malek set about archiving the Scrolls until he could locate a suitable vessel in whom they could be hidden. Finally, the Arkn King Uriel (who had defected) offered to create that vessel. Uriel took the Scrolls and threw himself into one of the .Reality engines; the act killed him, sending his soul to The Infernous and translating his essence countless times over in .Reality as a human named Alex Winter. Thus, the Scrolls were sealed away in the body of Alex until the day they could be put to use.


When Alex and Uriel converged, the part of Alex that was the Scrolls split from them and remained untouched. Many ages later, during the final battle with The Carver, Uriel – now merged with Alex, and going by the name Uriel Alexander Winter – was killed. While Carver and Ellpagg battled, Persophelus Redgrave awakened the remaining fragment of Alex that housed the Scrolls; Redgrave asked permission to commence activation, and Alex consented. Redgrave activated the Scrolls, destroying what remained of "Alex Winter", but creating a rift of raw, pure Hethian power. From here, Redgrave combined .Mainframe with the raw power and created an unstable entrance outside of Xua (the Hethian realm that contained Universe A). While the entrance worked, it held no god, so Redgrave went about transferring as many relics he could while he waited for Carver's plan to be completed.

Carver was mortally wounded as Malek, Cedric and the Jester showed up. As Carver lay dying, De'ebo appeared and offered to revive him at full power, commanding him to kill the three – promising him that if he succeeded, he would be granted the true power of the Hethe. De'ebo possessed Carver and fought the trio, stabbing (and seemingly killing) Malek in the process. Cedric and Jester tag teamed De'ebo and fought him off, but the fight was cut short when De'ebo stopped it, splitting from Carver. De'ebo was so impressed that the two were actually able to fight him off that he offered to make Cedric a full Hethe as well; Cedric agreed, under the condition that Ellpagg was also revived.

As De'ebo granted the Hethian power to Carver, Redgrave showed up and summoned the .Mainframe core. Carver absorbed the Hethian power, using this new influx to channel it into .Mainframe, powering up the Scrolls. As he did do, he exhausted all the remaining power he had, and was consumed by the flow, destroying himself as .Mainframe was powered and unleashed. Carver's former weapon was revealed to have been an Arkn trap; Malek emerged and merged with the .Mainframe core (and the Scrolls), unleashing his raw Hethian power of creation, which explodes into a new universe outside of their own. 


While they take on the form of actual scrolls in The Infernous, the Scrolls of Creation were, in actually, a metaphysical representation of the raw power of pure creation. They were "scrolls" only in the sense that they contain information – in this case, the templates (or "blueprints") for creation itself.  

Only a full-blooded Hethe at full power was capable of wielding the power of the Scrolls, unlocking the creative potential of the Scrolls by channeling their own power (or life force) into them.