The Infernous
The Infernous as shown in Michael's Camera.
Vital statistics
Type Prison
Controlled By The Carver (formerly)

Clubs (formerly)


Affiliation  ?
The Infernous is a location of existence created solely by The Carver. This location's ways of creation remain a mystery, however, it stays alive by taking fuel from Gilgamesh's unknown torment. It act as not only a prison, but a type of Hell.


The Infernous was created by the Carver sometime after he took rule as the Dekn Emperor. The purpose was meant to hold the torment of Gilgamesh after he was betrayed by and killed by Carver. After Gilgamesh's torment was sealed, the Infernous was re-purposed to house anything and everything, except for the Carver himself.


From the exterior, the Infernous often takes the form of an ordinary house. Sometimes, the entrance (or ante-room) will appear as the garage of said house. Upon entering the Infernous, the physical body of an individual immediately dies (if they aren't dead already).

The realm itself is designed not only as a prison, but a type of Hell: created to mold one's fears into a living reality. During the initial molding, prisoners will experience multiple deaths or murders, before being allowed to realize that they are forever trapped. During this realization, prisoners will become increasingly aware of their entrapment. This stage is usually when the Carver will personally see to them, using the Shade technique. Using this technique (and sometimes a vessel), the Carver then will either torment them, or leave them to be alone forever depending on his mood at the time. In many cases, the Infernous will mold into the proper state of torment in response to needing to fulfill a goal.

There is no known or conceivable way to enter the Infernous, save for being thrown in by the current owner. Furthermore, there is absolutely no way for a prisoner to escape from the Infernous; if someone is in the Infernous, they are there until whoever threw them in decides to allow them out.

HOWEVER, there are several beings (aside from those who rule it) who have been able to bypass these rules and/or enter the Infernous at will:

  • Malek is able to enter the Infernous to rescue Ellpagg.
  • Az'uh'ra'el, who possessed free will (by unknown means), could apparently come and go as he pleased in the realm. (However, this is never shown.)
  • The Arknangel Azrael (whose body was killed by his converged partner, Xerex) is able to freely enter and exit the Infernous after multiple eternities of training with Ellpagg (who, oddly, does not possess the power to do so himself). Azrael has further used his abilities to free numerous prisoners.
  • Uriel is able to leave the Infernous at will, due to his connection with Gilgamesh and having been spawned in the Infernous (as well as a deal with the Carver -- which additionally gave him full control over his experiences in the realm).

Tenants (Current/Removed)