The Lathrym (pronounced Lath-rim) is one of two realms within Universe X, second to Ersis. While Ersis holds the Seeds and Humanity, the Lathrym holds everything else, and encompasses the entire Universe beyond Ersis.


The Lathrym is an empty white space composed of red tears that lead to sub-realms. If one were to look into the Lathrym from outside of Ersis and the Seeds, it would look like a blank, white sky with distant red stars.

The Lathrym possesses a breathable source of air known as Aeri. While Arkn and Dekn have evolved to breathe this, humans outside the Lathrym cannot; they require an implant in their lungs that will adjust their breathing to Aeri, or they can use a sigil or wear a mask if they wish to still be able to breathe traditional oxygen.

Sub-Realms within the Lathrym

Sub-realms within the Lathrym are usually labeled as such, with the encompassing Lathrym and Ersis being known as Over-Realms.

Subrealm Primary-Host
Empyrium Arkn + Neo-Humans
Elevrium Dekn + Neo-Humans + Vlykinians
Calat Fab'ras and Jacques
Erebus ??????
Lumeric Providence* Lumeric

* While not officially a real sub-realm, it is considered one by the Arkn and Dekn