Lexioanis as he appears in i can leave?
Vital statistics
Name Lexioanis; Gareth Henson
Race Arkn
Alignment Arkn
Status Unknown
Appearances EntriesFromTheRift
Realm The Rift
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown
Time doesn't just move forward, it moves in all directions.
— Lexionis

Lexionis, AKA Gareth Henson, is the main protagonist in EntriesFromTheRift.



Lexioanis was an Arkn Scholar who had been studying analyzing .Reality. He was sent to study The Rift, and created a pre-written blog solely in case something were to happen to him.


Going under the alias Gareth Henson, Lexioanis documents his stay within The Rift, with the environment consistently changing and being chased by unknown entities. Upon attempting to escape, he uses The Traveler's Call, which as a result, sent him to The Trash Bin, where he is attacked by a Glitchling.

Lexioanis is transported back to The Rift, where he wanders in a new environment where he is chased away by a dog.