Lilith Jameson
Lilith as she appears in the "L Jameson" video, k h a d ' t r e j ' n i.
Vital statistics
Name Lilith Annabelle Jameson, L Jameson, L
Race Human
Alignment Neutral
Status Alive
Appearances L Jameson (Series)
Realm .Reality
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown
What is known is that we are small, and have little say in this vast plane of existence.
— L Jameson

Lillith Annabelle Jameson (AKA L Jameson) is the titular protagonist of the Arkn vlog/blog, L Jameson. Her Arkn and Dekn affiliations are currently unknown.


The personality of L seems split into two different facets of her existence.

One uses text that is ordered and seems calm, logical and somewhat sarcastic. This side is the explanatory, coherent one. L uses this side more frequently; at least at first.

The other is usually communicated through text that is characteristically choppy and separated. This side is one that indicates that she's incoherent, sleep-deprived and/or overly- or un- medicated.


Lilith was initially someone who had been plagued with loss of sleep and nightmares. She had gone to a psychologist who had her referred to Dr. Ellis. Ellis met with Lilith, and he recommended that she record and document her thoughts and experiences, hence her blog and YouTube channel. Upon this, she began to document strange dreams and record odd videos, unacknowledged by her.

Over the course of a month, Lilith was plagued by various odd nightmares, involving mirrors and seeing a darker version of herself. As the odd posts continued, Lilith posts a video update explaining Ellis isn't answering her calls, and that her medication may be causing her to lose track of days and sleepwalk, waking up in odd places such as her car. Lilith acknowledges the posts and estimates that she had written them during her sleepwalking.

Lilith makes a post saying shes addicted to the medication, and begins losing sleep once again. She grows dependant and explains that she is afraid to sleep because of any oncoming nightmares. Lilith eventually gives up on attempting to contact Ellis, and whilst conducting research on him, discovers the book known as Winter Wonderland, a book Ellis had written about his former patient, Alex Winter, and his family massacre. She discovers a YouTube channel fo hist known as Starving4Truth, and through this, Lilith hears the word "Dekn", a word that she has heard in her dreams.

Lilith begins seeing Lurkers, to whereas she responds by requesting help from Alex, followed by .Reality codings appearing on her blog, as well as a chapter from the Winter Wonderland book. A video is uploaded of Lilith using The Traveler's Call several times, as well as trying to get in touch with Ellis once again and revealing to the viewers her true name, and that Alex Winter has been watching her videos. Lilith later makes a post on New Year's Eve about Brian Lawrence, however, the message behind it is unknown.

An anonymous user that calles themselves an 'analyst looking for information' messages Lilith her personal information (seemingly recieved by her doctor) and grows intrigued with her alarmed responses. Lilith later posts that she is accumulating hours of Photo Booth footage. A strange video is posted of Lilith listening to music and smiling.