I ducked under a falling molten rock, narrowly missing my skull. The volcanic ash was clouding the air, and if I didn't act quick, I would suffocate. The Relic from El Dorado was a dead end, as I was never able to get there. The one here, in Pompeii, should be easier to obtain, or at least should have been had this volcano not decided to erupt. The romans were hot on my tail, dodging molten rock just as well as me. I leaped over one of the crashed carriages and heard the roman horses crash, three of the four making it over the wreckage, the fourth being crushed under a flaming boulder. I winced in pain as wreckage from an exploding hut pierced my thigh. The relic was just up ahead in the temple. I raced on, not caring about the men chasing me. One of them shouted something in roman, I don't speak it, but the arrow puncturing my torso told me it was probably something along the lines of, "Archer, fire your bow and arrow at that running man!" I fell down as the the horses caught up to me. One of the armored men got off of his mount and held me at sword point.

"Edgar Kharon, you are henseforth sentenced to punishment of the blade by the order of the Roman cour...-"

He didn't finish, a flaming, molten boulder came down upon him, crushing his body and reducing what was left to a quivering, melting pulp. He died instantly.

I got up and continued running to the Temple.

Getting past the steps, I was able to enter the sanctuary and retrieve the relic. A blade, forged from the fires from a Dragon's tongue, I think, and the steal of something really sharp or something, I didn't really care. The relic was mine and the mission was a success. I activated the Orb and returned home.




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