Lumeric Multiversal Technologies is a Dekn-Human company. It is a monopoly that is located in the Dekn territories, with departments and branches placed amongst the multiple Seeds. Along with those, they have various outposts stationed in the Klasym.

The main company deals with inter Dekn-Human coexistence relationships, and the manufacturing and development of advanced technologies -- far more advanced than previously conceived by Human and Dekn alike. They trade with multiple Seed Earths and usually scam them out of resources. Furthermore, they often infiltrate other Earths and their "Interview and Evaluation Department" would be dispatched to destroy and clean up rival alternate versions of their own company that are trying to push them out of competition.


Lumeric was founded inside of one of the Seeds of a future Earth where moon colonies are established and commonplace. The great founders of the company consisted of Richard Polado, Airon Myr, and Harold Winthester. Starting as a humble metal refinery company on the moon, Lumeric was quick to capitalize and expand. They soon found a gateway on the moon to escape the seed and were able to bypass the Ythen. This was possible when the Arkn Ai'drena Rerawas horribly and instantly killed by armed guards at the gateway and her skeleton was used as thermal paint on the outside of a space shuttle. Upon crash landing into the desert of Galliptis in the Elevrium, founder and CEO Richard Polado died on impact because of a titanium pen projectile launching into his eye and out through the back of his skull. Airon Myr was killed in Galliptis as well when an creature known as a Andees swooped down out and attacked him while he was trying to recreate Neil Armstrong's famous first steps. Harold Winthester, who was the last founder left inherited the entire company after this point.


After this Lumeric has made a number of groundbreaking discoveries.

Included among these is a compound called NORLYST. This compound was found in ancient Dekn ruins in a vault that had remained sealed for hundreds of years. The compound was discovered to enhance the speeds of normal human thinking and was altered and turned into a drug. This drug is a heavily controlled substance and is only administered by professional employees of Lumeric and must be routinely injected through a nasal spray. Most higher up employees like scientists, researchers, managers, and positions of high status will receive NORLYST every 6 earth months give or take. This is because the effects are not permanent aside from the user retaining learned skills while under the drugs effect. While lower employees of the company such as office workers and industry can't receive NORLYST as readily they are still able to receive a diluted liquid version as a short-term treatment for occupational stress.