Maalformius Darkrage is by far the most powerful Arkn member of the Valkyrium. Highly skilled in the magick of telekinesis, legend tells that Darkrage is able to snap a target's neck from another realm entirely.


As a child, Maalformius suffered extreme mental degradation from intensive training with the Arkn Lord Del'Phar. Sometime after leaving his training, he came to come in contact with Valkyrius Thorm. Not much is known about how Darkrage this happened; however, as soon as he did, he was promoted to the highest class of the Valkyrium.

Weapons & Appearance

Darkrage is highly skilled in hunting down Dekn defectors with his Katana-chainsaw-hybrids, Bloodstorm and Nightbone. He obtained his weapons from a wandering Entraphic, whom he employed as his own private merchant minutes after the trade (thus sealing the deal of no other being ever obtaining these weapons).

Alongside these unique weapons, Darkrage sports a set of armor crafted from concentrated black gold. Aside from the armor, Darkrage masks his face with an iron mask and concealing cowl. The cowl includes a metallic scarf-like wrapping that protects Darkrage's neck, should anyone ever rise to his level and attempt to snap his neck.


Darkrage is described to be very fun-loving and nice, as well as being great with the children he plays with off work at the Golden City orphanage. While on the battlefield, not much else changes except for the gradual stains of blood and gore building up on his armor. Be it on the battlefield or in his home with his wife, Mary'etha, and son, Gran'dval, Maalformius Darkrage is never seen without his signature smile and calming stare.