I noticed people are wondering what exactly I am. What I'm here for, what my purpose is. I mean, don't we all wonder that? You know, question our own philosophies and purposes? As far as me, personally, I have just one answer for you guys. You really wanna know who I am? What I am? My name is Malek, and I'm your fucking guardian Angel, bitches!
— Malek to the viewers.

Malek is the eighth of the eight Hethe, who saw the good in their creations and as a result, left and de-fragmented as shards throughout existence.


Origin and Creations

In the beginning, there were seven Hethe who had been crafting what is called to us, "Existence". From nothing, Malek became, as the Eighth and unexpected of the Hethe.

As a Hethe, Malek had the ability to create alongside his fellow brethren. To assist him in creation, De'ebo made an orb for Malek to create on. As an experiment, his first creations had become ferocious beasts humanity knows as the dinosaurs. The Hethe were pleased with these creations as these beings began to violently attack and eat one another. Malek, however, was displeased at this, and had them destroyed.

In order to make up for this, Malek created something to take the place of these beasts. Malek began to form Arkn of his very own, but with the intention of making more docile beings, stripped them of any power, as well as their wings. (Unfortunately, while humans were far more docile than the Arkn, Malek's negative character traits were also passed on to Humanity at their creation, leading to what is known as the Seven Deadly Sins.) Malek was nevertheless pleased with these creations, and placed them on the orb. However, much to Malek's horror, the Arkn discovered these beings and began enslaving them by attaching themselves to them. In an attempt to stop this, Malek tried to create a technological system -- a duplicate of humanity's original home -- around the humans in order to preserve them.

Just when Malek's system was completed, another Hethe, Leg'Leg, who had been watching Malek create for some time, grew bored of his toying around and began destroying this system. Distraught at the destruction, Malek tried informing the other Hethe of what has happened; however, they concluded that Leg'leg had as much right to create and destroy as the others. (Nevertheless, Leg'leg was made to put any further decisions up to the entire group from then on, and was forbidden from creating a Deedrn.)

Malek realized how corrupt his brethren were; he obtained their scrolls and entered existence, causing himself to fragment into seven shards. Each shard has its own story and personality: the same seven traits that had been passed on to Humanity previously. One of the shards went to the Dekn and gave them the idea to save humanity from the Arkn, to create a system similar to the one Malek had attempted creating before, and to perfect it. Four Dekn worked on this system and managed to transfer the lost souls of humanity into it, protecting them from being enslaved and destroyed by The Arkn. This system was called .Reality.

A Cry From Winter

After receiving numerous messages and notes, Alex Winter became the vessel for Malek. Throughout the course of Alex's Infernous, Malek shows numerous hostile intentions and ambiguous messages, ranging from threatening James upon meeting him and shooting Karl. (However, these were simply attempts to wake Uriel up and get him out of the Infernous, as he is later seen talking with him and convince him to leave.)

Uriel and Malek have history, as Uriel was the one to show Malek that the Arkn were a self-righteous species. Malek attempts to convince Uriel to move on and leave The Infernous, but Uriel refuses to leave his self-torment. After learning what Malek truly is, Uriel seemingly departs.

Malek leaves Alex with a list of patients and a note to see Dr. Ellis. He remains inactive for some time, until he is shown attacking James from within his car. Some time later, however, it is revealed that Uriel had never left the Infernous; all of the videos posted to his channel had been a fictitious work to trick the Cloud9 audience into thinking he was unaware of his current situation (when in reality, he had been aware of his surroundings the entire time, having made a deal with The Carver to gain control over the Infernous before his imprisonment).


After Tobit Kestler's timeline was been destroyed, at some point Raphael and Malek underwent a plan to assist Tobias Kestler.

Malek appears to Tobias in the form of his dog, which he named Bobo. Whilst Raphael and Media had been using scare tactics against Tobias, Malek does various things to assist them (such as disappearing from Tobias' room and causing him to search for him, and helping him locate the Lurker within his home). Raphael and Malek at some point strike up an unknown deal.

After a while, Malek stops taking to form of his dog and begins to talk with Raphael whilst possessing Tobias, informing him that its best if he stops mentoring Tobias. Raphael is doubtful of the existence of The Hethe, but from their conversation, its highly likely that Raphael somewhat fears Malek. Malek leaves, leaving Raphael to have to inform Tobias on certain information.

The Mayhem Theory

Gabriel Holden is possessed by Malek whilst making an update video. He informs him of the history of existence, beginning with the Hethe creating everything, and ending where they are today. Malek leaves Gabriel afterwards.


Alex's personal bodyguard, Allastar, summons Malek into Alex's body so that he give them the information they need in order to help Alex prepare for his upcoming convergence with Uriel.

Battle of the Arknza

During the final battle between the ArknAngels, Malek shows up alongside Cedric and Theatre Mask to help fight the Carver. He is seemingly killed, when in reality he is absorbed into the Carver's sword (which is revealed to be an Arkn Trap).


Uriel, you defected from a group of people who are just a bunch of assholes and bureaucrats that were just so consciously and consciously focused on their own self-righteous glorification of destroying a species that's not even their own, and they don't even stop to think of the time and effort and the benefits of bettering their own species! You, along with a couple others... But you took the sword to the head on that one.
— Malek to Uriel.
In the beginning of everything, there was nothing. Then there was something called a "Hethe". You guys know them as like Gods, but they're not. Then more Hethe started popping up, in total, there was eight, but one of them was unexpected. The Hethe decided to create things, they had the power to create everything that there is.
— Malek to Gabriel Holden.
Do you still believe me when I say what I am? Are you afraid? You should be.
— Malek to Raphael.