"We're gonna see where this goes"
Some attributes
Seasons  ?
Episodes 22
Written By FeralWasteland
Other attributes
Directed By FeralWasteland
Canon The Reality Canon
Crossovers  ?

Welcome, fellow wiki traveler!! Today, I'm going to show you the lovely world of MedBoy456! This series shows a series of events that take place under a lovely little topic we all know as The Reality Branch!! :D


MedBoy456 is a wonderful, enchanting tale, of a boy coming to terms on who he truly is! He begins with starting up sleep cycle logs and our journey begins from there!! :DDDDDD


  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???


  1. Sleep Cycle ?
  2. Sleep Cycle ??
  3. Sleep Cycle ???
  4. 1 C A R E T A K E R I S D E A D R E R O L L
  5. beckoning
  6. 2 Sekbus
  7. Sleep Cycle ????
  8. 3 IMG 3845 1
  9. Trick
  10. 4 Setshakami
  11. domain
  12. 5 Non revertemur
  13. Sleep Cycle ?????
  14. 6 lights
  15. below and above
  16. 7 Entry
  17. drawings i made as a child
  18. Sleep Cycle ?????!
  19. said the spider to the fly
  20. A trip i went on!!!
  21. went for a walk yesterday
  22. update

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