"We're gonna see where this goes"
Some attributes
Seasons 1
Episodes 22
Written By FeralWasteland
Other attributes
Directed By FeralWasteland
Canon The Reality Branch
Crossovers MedBoy789

Welcome, fellow wiki traveler!! Today, I'm going to show you the lovely world of MedBoy456! This series shows a series of events that take place under a lovely little topic we all know as The Reality Branch!! :D


MedBoy456 is a wonderful, enchanting tale, of a boy coming to terms on who he truly is! He begins with starting up sleep cycle logs and our journey begins from there!! :DDDDDD


  • Cain Spirit
  • Gynesis


  1. Sleep Cycle ?
  2. Sleep Cycle ??
  3. Sleep Cycle ???
  4. 1 C A R E T A K E R I S D E A D R E R O L L
  5. beckoning
  6. 2 Sekbus
  7. Sleep Cycle ????
  8. 3 IMG 3845 1
  9. Trick
  10. 4 Setshakami
  11. domain
  12. 5 Non revertemur
  13. Sleep Cycle ?????
  14. 6 lights
  15. below and above
  16. 7 Entry
  17. drawings i made as a child
  18. Sleep Cycle ?????!
  19. said the spider to the fly
  20. A trip i went on!!!
  21. went for a walk yesterday
  22. update
  23. Quarry
  24. Iris
  25. Jugular
  26. Insation
  27. Eye
  28. Half
  29. Hidden
  30. All
  31. Ketchup
  32. Anthocyanin

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