MedBoy789 is the fifth installment in the Arknthology Storyline. It follows the adventure of a young boy who aims to make his life more interesting than it was before.

MedBoy789 plays a major role in the Arkthology as a whole. It is also the introduction to Sethe.


Season One

The series focuses on a young-adult hippie trying to pay his way through college courses, so he agrees to test a type of medication for an unknown company. Its recommended to him that he records his sleep cycle, which he does willingly. While uploading his vlogs, he begins to experience odd dreams and has encounters with a mysterious unseen creature. From here, things will begin to escalate and the unnamed protagonist will has to face his personal demons, literally and figuratively.

Season Two

Following the madness ensued by the Skethe, Tobias Kestler and his guardian Arkn, Raphael, meet Asmodeus, a Dekn Lord who seems to have a bone to pick with the two of them. Asmodeus offers Tobias a seemingly easy way out of his venture, in exchange for one thing: to side with the Dekn and betray Raphael. With the two of them making plans for him, Tobias is going to have to learn that he cannot escape destiny, especially when he is caught in the middle of an eternal war thats gone on longer than his next panatella.

Season Three

Tobias is missing, Asmodeus has fled the scene, and a now revealed half-human Raphael is left to clean up the mess.



Season 1

  1. Sleep Cycle 1
  2. Sleep Cycle 2 (Part 1)
  3. Sleep Cycle 2 (Part 2)
  4. encounter
  5. Symbiont
  6. All Apologies
  7. Sleep Cycle 3 (Part 1)
  8. Sleep Cycle 3 (Part 2)
  9. I Got The Message
  10. Sleep Cycle 4
  11. Sleep Cycle 5
  12. Pardon My Voice
  13. Sleep Cycle 6
  14. idk
  15. Sleep Cycle 7
  16. Life's a glitch
  17. Examination of stuff
  18. Orangeness
  19. Narrow Escape
  20. Stasis
  21. its fuckin 6 in the morning and someone ate my pizza rolls and im pissed
  22. Dreams Beyond Reality
  23. absinthe
  24. post absinthe
  25. Pursuit of the Hunted
  26. In The Eye of Tigris

Season 2

  1. Another Window
  2. The Great Healer
  3. The Video About Nothing
  4. A Bogus Journey
  5. Possibility Of Purpose
  6. The Night the Sky Turned Green
  8. i feel threatened
  9. Devil Bird
  10. Contact Attempt 1
  11. A Strange Reunion
  12. Contact Attempt 2
  13. It Came From The Matrix
  14. Bullets from an Empty Gun
  15. its a bird again i guess
  16. Terror is reality
  17. Wendigo
  18. Too close to the sun
  19. Similar to how Newton discovered gravity
  20. Nightmare Log
  21. All Exits Are Open
  22. An Introduction

Season 3

  1. 456789
  2. Not a Detective