Media as he appears in "It Came From The Matrix"
Vital statistics
Name Media
Race Lurker
Alignment  ?
Status Alive
Appearances MedBoy789
Realm .Reality
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown

Media is a lurker, he is the false secondary antagonist of Season 2 and a supporting protagonist in Season 3 of MedBoy789.



Media and Raphael began working together at some point, however, when and how has not been revealed yet.


Season 1

Media appears as a Lurker in Dreams Beyond Reality that Raphael had supposedly killed.

Season 2

Media appears as a Lurker that appears and gets trapped within a bird toy by Tobias. While in the bird toy, Tobias managed to convince Raphael to try and make contact with it. After several failed attempts, Media escapes, and Raphael gives Tobias a gun to stop him. Tobias plans on reasoning with it, but accidentally shoots it on sight. Tobias then locks it in his bathroom and feeds it granola bars underneath the door. Raphael then forces it back into a bird form.

Season 3

After Raphael reveals that he's been manipulating Tobias, we see Media again, picking up Raphael's camera and handing it to him, revealing that the two had been working together to use scare tactics against Tobias to properly prepare him.