Michael's Camera was the first installment in the Arknthology Storyline. It depicts the video logs of a patient of Dr. Ellis as he slowly descends into what is either madness or the truth.

It served as the introduction to .Reality, Dekn, The Beyond, and one of the four Arknza.


Season 3

Michael Knight is who we focused on since the beginning, because we were led to believe this Michael would become the ArknAngel according to the ArknAngel prophecy. However, this Michael was an imposter, led on by manipulations by The Carver, because Michael Knight is his child.

The True Michael the ArknAngel, Michaelis Winter (AKA Azrael) was being mentored by Ellgpagg in the background. This was not revealed until The Carver completely possessed Michael Knight. Prior to Michael Knight's possession, right now we're focusing on Azrael and his journey as an ArknAngel.



Season 1

  2. 0) One
  3. 1) The Fix
  4. 2) Friends
  5. My Video
  6. (Sleep log 1)
  7. (Sleep log 2)
  8. Prelude to 2/16/15's Sleep Log
  9. (Sleep log 3)
  10. sleep paralysis
  11. (Sleep log 4)
  12. (Pill log 1)
  13. (Sleep log 5)
  14. (Pill log 2)
  15. Driving
  16. Doctor's Appointment
  17. February 23, 2015
  18. (colon))
  19. The bleeding effect
  20. Marty
  23. Gaerbogg
  24. I just don't know
  25. my relapse
  26. watch this video Michael.
  27. The Debigrath Effect

Season 2

  1. 00) One
  2. No Sleep Day 1
  3. korsav_shrovak
  4. No Sleep Day 2
  5. No Sleep Day 3
  6. Enter Title
  7. Two Minutes In
  8. I have to shoot myself in the face.
  9. beating the dead horse
  10. The letter
  11. hahaha
  12. VID00014
  13. Prelude to the catastrophe of May 15
  14. Aftermath to the catastrophe of May 15
  15. May 15

Season 3

  1. Three months have passed
  2. Last box in the Attic
  3. at this point im literally a guardian whore
  4. Out of the Nest
  5. Summoning an Arkn
  6. History lesson
  7. Puppet Strings
  8. (1) Your perfect world
  9. (2) Has been upset
  10. (3) This is the best it's going to get
  11. i died
  12. Decision
  13. Out of the Frying Pan
  14. Into the Fire
  15. Repent
  16. The War with no sides
  17. A brief interlude before I literally go to hell
  18. Miasma
  19. Not that great of a situation


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