When this started out, I was just some dude taking pills. I was just some guy destined with Arkn Blood, y'know, to be one of the ArknAngels, but now it turns out that was all a lie and my whole entire life was manipulated by The Dekn. I joined their side of people pulling my strings, and I regret every second of it. But you know what I learned along the way? You and me, our lives are meaningless, we're just going to go over and over again, dying, or betraying, or becoming monsters, or killers... I don't want that. I don't want to die, I don't want to become a puppet. I just want to be a hero. Deep inside yourself, don't you want to be a hero, too? That's all I wanted to be.
— Michael's last words to Azrael.

Michael Knight is the titular main protagonist of Michael's Camera. He is initially thought to be an ArknAngel and the guarded human of Ellpagg in Arkthology Act I, where he eventually becomes a rogue agent for the Dekn and attempts to try and kill the other ArknAngels.

In Arknthology Act II, he is revealed to be the Nephilim son of The Carver, and a red herring. He is tricked into becoming The Carver's vessel for a period of time, before ultimately being killed by Azrael Michaelis Winter.



Little is known about Michael's personal history. As a child, Michael was kidnapped by a branch of the M.E.E.C. and had 566 branded on his arm. As far as we know, they took large amounts of blood samples to take his Arkn blood, causing Michael to wind up a tad mentally unhinged. At some point, he befriended Alex Winter and Tobias Kestler, but it is unknown when and how this happened. As a young man, Michael began seeing Dr. Ellis for therapy.

Michael obtained Ellpagg's camera at some point, and began using it for his YouTube channel.

Michael's Camera

The first few videos on the channel are very odd and seemingly ambiguous to Michael (and are strongly hinted to belong to a parallel version of Michael himself). However, as far as he seems to know, his first official video was My video, where he attempts to start up a dream vlog. He mentions the camera he obtained and comments on the strange video on the camera, which seems to show The Knight in The Infernous when he shows the viewers. He also intends to film his haunted house. Throughout his sleep logs, Michael reacts to things that aren't shown on camera.

Over time, he is met with Persophelus Redgrave as an artificial guardian (through Dr. Ellis's medicine); in time, Redgrave abandons Michael to avoid risk of The Debigrath Effect, as Ellpagg shoves Michael into another timeline. Afterwards, Michael is introduced to Ellpagg, his "official" guardian, for the first time. Ellpagg acts as an abusive guardian to Michael, forcing him into deadly situations and beating him. Due to his mistreatment, Michael begins aligning himself with the Dekn, in spite of his supposed destiny as an ArknAngel. He decides to kill Gabriel Holden (one of the destined ArknAngels), and to hunt down the others in an effort to show the Arkn that he is no longer alligned with them.

During the event of May 15th, Michael summons a golden knife, which he uses to kill The Condor. After this, Michael has a run-in with The Carver, who threatens to subject him to various cheese-related torments. Before The Carver can do anything, however, Michael is taken over by Azrael. Azrael mocks The Carver and proclaims himself to be a "Fallen Hethe"; he then shoots The Carver in the head, sending him back to The Infernous. As .Reality begins to crash, Michael finds Gabriel and attempts to shoot him; however, with Gabriel's Arkn powers growing, he manages to overpower Michael. Azrael once again takes Michael's place (pretending to still be Michael) and convinces Gabriel to accept Raziel and his destiny as an Arknangel, before leaving. The timelines collapse, and .Reality reboots. Michael, however, manages to survive.

Three months later, Michael is still searching for the other ArkAngels. Due to Ellpagg's absence, Michael obtains Persophelus Crow (formerly Samael, the Arkn Lord of Death) as a Guardian. On Samael's orders, Michael attempts to trap and kill an Arkn using his doll. The attempt fails, however, and Michael accidentally summons a prophet named Cecil Xeneth. A short time later, Ellpagg comes out of nowhere and sends Michael on a .Relapse (claiming he needs to move him to another timeline), leading him to be dazed and confused as he is gutted by The Hooks Killer.

Michael wakes up in The Infernous with The Carver, who makes a deal with him: in exchange for becoming Michael's Guardian, he will help him kill Cecil and take over Arkassia, if they make it out. Upon making this deal, The Carver betrays Michael and seemingly leaves him in The Infernous to be tormented. Azrael appears and tries to break Michael out, properly introducing himself as an ArknAngel (and an alternate version of Michael). Upon leaving The Infernous, Michael is suddenly possessed by The Carver, who reveals that Michael was never a true ArknAngel. Upon learning this, Michael is distraught. Ellpagg and his underling, Azrael, find out that Michael is the Carver's Nephilim son, and that Carver had manipulated them into thinking he was an ArknAngel the entire time. Ellpagg releases a shard of Malek; Malek takes possession of Ellpagg (who is momentarily using Azrael as a Shade), and goes off and fight the now Carver-controlled Michael. Carver escapes, however, and Azrael stays behind in .Reality, taking up Michael's camera.

When Michael is freed from being The Carver's vessel, Michael recalls the last few months being like years, and not being able to remember his crimes as a vessel. Unsure where any of his old acquaintances are, he goes on about hearing voices in his head. Revealing these voices are the Hethe themselves, Michael says that "they're coming". He then goes on about one of them being named "Dee'bo", and claims that he's been here for eons. He then realizes who Deebo truly is.

After Azrael is tortured and branded by The Carver (now revealed to have been "Deebo" this entire time), Carver informs Azrael that the next time he sees him, he won't be wearing the same face. Carver leaves the room, and Michael enters, ranting about wanting to be a hero. Michael asks Azrael if he wants to be a hero as well, but Azrael (mistakenly believing Michael to be the Carver) shoots him in the face with his revolver and kills him, destroying his soul and wiping him out of existence. After this incident, Azrael is deeply haunted by his actions and filled with guilt over Michael's death -- so much that his guilt and sorrow manifest as a ghostly entity in a rabbit mask (known as "Spooky Michael").