Nartholese is the sacred language used by both the Arkn and Dekn. The dialect used can be exemplified by The Hooks Killer (Handprints). It's widely spoken in all the realms of existence belonging to The Arkn and The Dekn, including but not limited to The Infinitium and The Aetherium.

Original concept created by Deathlylogic, extended canon created by QueenOfCalling.

Phonetic Pronunciation of the Nartholese Alphabet

*Please Note!* - The phonetic pronunciation is not used as a way of forming words! The sounds exemplified below are for aural purposes exclusively. Vocabulary is a separate category. (QueenOfCalling should have made this more clear, apologies for the misunderstanding.)

Letter Sound
A ah
B buh
C seh
D day
E uh
F ehf
G guh
H ahsh
I ee
J zhuh (French "je")
K kah
L el
M em
N en
O oh
P pay
Q kuh
R ruh (flipped r)
S es
T teh
U oo
V veh
W wuh
X ex
Y yeh
Z zeh
TG ch
SH shuh
KH (Hebrew "ch")


1 - Kun // 2 - Des // 3 - Tret // 4 - Qod // 5 - Caj // 6 - Kid // 7 - Cosp // 8 - Jikh // 9 - Vaq // 0 - Yotg

Nartholese numbers work unlike arabic numbers. If you want a 2-digit number, you separate the digits with the typical Nartholese apostrophe. An example: 21 = Des'kun. However, if you want a 3 digit number, you say the first number, and separate it from the second and third with the Nartholese word for "and" (ijt). An example: 649 = Kid'ijt'qod'vaq.

Nartholese Vocabulary

Nartholese Vocabulary is extremely subjective by use of the speaker or writer because Nartholese does not, and has never had, a definitive dictionary on record.

The sacred language is what inspired the Latin language, so every word in Nartholese will bear semblance to the Latin vocabulary with Nartholese embellishments and spellings added in per the speaker/writer's preferences. There are no set rules for this, although there are some recommendations that would help in increasing aesthetic value:

  • Double vowels are not uncommon in between consonants (iturnaam, altetuum, etc.).
  • (More to come)

Dialect and Inflection

Nartholese pronunciation is supposed to sound like a mix between French and Russian dialects. This is slightly reflected through its alphabet, but can be even more emphasized through the speaker.