The Negatives (also known as The Caste of NegativesFlawsAbsences, or Lacks) are one of the three types of castes, along side The Caste of Emotions and The Caste of Titans. They represent the lack of emotion or a concept in general, first appearing in A Cry From Winter. Not much is known about the Negatives except that Alex Winter seems to be the first person known to have any knowledge of these entities. They seem to revolve around him and his medication that Dr. Ellis has been giving him.

List of Negatives

Confirmed Negatives 


Malek is an interesting figure. He was born into The Caste as The Absence of Hope, and inducted into The Tears as "The Guilted One". Being the Absence of Hope, Malek attached himself to one of Alex Winter's split personalities, Uriel. Malek was later revealed to be the eighth Hethe (typically referred to as The Fragmented Hethe).


Drakulah is the main antagonist of A Cry From Winter, and is The Absence of Reality and the Arkn Lord of Self Consciousness. They appear as an entity with a elongated skull mask, but that is the only thing constant about them. They claim to exist within all of Humanity, and have been observed using Lurkers as servants.


Surge is The Absence of Fear. He attached himself To Timeline B's James' psyche in A Cry From Winter to attack Malek.

The Twins

The Twins are two members who are connected as siblings:


Ander is the Absence of Love, and the female Silent Sibling. Not much is known about her at this point.


Serir is the Absence of Hate, and the male Silent Sibling. He has been seen in The Trials of John, aiding John.

Persophelus Redgrave

Persophelus Redgrave is the Absence of Regret, and a corresponding Dekn Lord dealing with the control of .Reality. It is known that he holds a strong hatred for both Malek and LongNose, due to their connections with Humanity. He is also a part of The Persophelums.

Possible Negatives


Taciturn's gender is currently unknown, but they have seen to possess Karl (because of this, we'll refer to it as a "he"). Taciturn has been seen talking with Surge about Malek and Stan, and giving James/Surge information about The Arkn.


Crest has appeared as an unidentifiable entity in a female vessel (possibly named Hannah). Surge refers to her as "Toothpaste", which she corrected to be "Crest". She has been seen to try to make peace between Malek, Surge, and Taciturn in the A Cry From Winter video "Even Higher Authorities".

The Historian

The Historian first appeared at the same time as Crest. It appeared again, using Professor Taylor as a host.

Other Negatives

The Carver

Due to its nature, The Carver can be considered a Negative.