Gone but not forgotten
You are reading an article on a series that has been deleted.
"w h a t t i m e i s i t ?"
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Seasons  ?
Episodes 3
Written By Mr.Spooks02
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Directed By Mr.Spooks02
Canon The AlterVerse
Crossovers None

Not2Strange is an Arkn Mythos vlog with an accompanying Twitter and Tumblr account run by a teen named Nicholas, also known under the alias of "The Stranger".


The series starts out with Nicholas wanting to document strange noises in the woods and other paranormal happenings. Through Twitter he tweets his progress, and one day he sees a tall, faceless man looking at him through the trees. He manages to run away, but the encounter still has a lasting affect on him. He starts becoming paranoid and begins rambling about angels and demons. Soon after, Cedrad posesses Nicholas and begins making his own vlogs as well.


  • Cedrad
  • Nicholas/The Stranger
  • Oliver