They tell me, "It's not enough towards victory, understanding knowledge, but finding a way to the key is what truly gets you." The night isn't only as dark as you make it, and the darkness comes from not being able to see the light. Light needs to be seen through good or bad or gray. Or bad or good? It's all just how you think. Choices, what you choose, to be the key to understanding and unlocking your inner potential, and that's why I leave you with this message of knowledge, per say, better understanding in a cryptic way put in it, in a way that the reader and the watcher and the viewer can film himself understanding we're not the bad guys.
— Persophelus Redgrave

Persophelus Redgrave is the Dekn Lord of Humanity and Reality, notable for being the architect of The Nexiumadris. Currently, he resides over the Dekn as their emperor.



Redgrave is the initial architect of .Reality, along with the other Persopheliams. His goal was to protect humanity from being slaves to The Arkn and getting caught in a war they had no chance in. Under the help of his friend, The Carver , he was able to do this and transfer to souls of those lost in the Nexillium into the simulation. He tends to mingle with humans, causing mischief under the names of Jacques and Satan, but never does anything too permanently harmful.

The Knight Shift

Redgrave appears in the Knight Shift and mutilates Ellpagg's arm.

Michael's Camera

Through Dr. Ellis' pills, Michael Knight is attached to a random guardian, in this case being Redgrave. Through manipulation with the later assistance of Samael Crow , he set off the chain of events to where Michael would be obtainable by The Carver. This was most likely done as a deal or favor


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