Professor Taylor is a human that willingly shares a body with his guardian Arkn, The Historian.


Professor Taylor

Professor Taylor is a character in the series A Cry From Winter, and host for The Historian. He shows up in the video "History Tends To Repeat Itself" as a local college professor that teaches history. Timeline B/C Alex Winter contacts him in regards to the symbols he's been seeing. Taylor agrees to a sit down meeting with Alex and begins to explain the Ideology of The Arkn and Dekn religions. During this description is when he reveals that he has something to show Alex, after incorrectly retelling something of historical inaccuracy.

Later in Alex's hotel room Taylor arrives and pulls Alex from his room in a hurry explaining that his real name is Gabriel, and that he has been targeted by someone and needs to go (in response to the symbols left around his room). Taylor drags Alex to his vehicle where he finally states his intentions were to help him as he asks if he is ready to "go home".

Alex wakes up the next morning at the bridge location from "Biding The Time" where he sees that Gabriel had teleported him not only locations but realities. Gabriel had successfully leaped with Alex back to Timeline A.

The Historian

The Historian, real name Gabriel (not to be confused with Gabriel Holden), is an Arkn who currently co-exists within Professor Taylor's body. He first appeared in Even Higher Authorities, interestingly outside of a host. He appeared as a ball of fire that danced around Crest's shoulders muttering the words "Hey guys you know I'm here too?", to which the other Negatives responded in in disgust.