Ishmahab'Raguel'M, better known as Raguel, is the Arkn Warrior of Justice and Vengeance, and is one of the three protagonists of the series VoiceOfLegion. He is the sixth Arknza, described as the Arknangel who "lost blood, from scripture fell".

During his quest to find the Dekn LegIon, Raguel is killed. While in the Infernous, he undergoes severe torture, which causes his soul to fracture into three fragments. Two of these, Ishmael and Ahab Elm, enter .Reality and become human.



Raguel is the third son of Abaddon. He was created in a union with a disguised Hash'bor'kanibal shortly after Raphael and Asmodeus begin training. Abaddon wanted a "failsafe", in case one of his sons failed to fulfill their destiny. Under the advice of Laz'arus Del'Phar, however, Abaddon sent Raguel away at birth, hoping that he could grow up without the pressure of knowing that he might have to fulfill the destiny of the Hethe.

Raguel grew to become a fierce and loyal Arkn Knight with a fearful reputation. In time, he set out on a special mission to investigate reports of the Dekn Legion amassing great forces and purportedly experimenting on Arkn and Dekn alike. While attempting to track down Legion in .Reality, he had run-in with corrupted, post-shift Ellpagg. Raguel was badly injured in the fight, as Ellpagg nearly drained him of his Hethe blood and cut one of his wings off, while Ellpagg sustained a near-fatal wound to his chest. Raguel eventually recovered, but was severely reduced in power.

After many, many years of searching for Legion, Raguel was ultimately overwhelmed by his forces and murdered by Legion himself, using his own weapon. He was sent to the Infernous, where Legion became his personal torturer. Raguel was subjected to torture so extreme that it fractured his soul into three fragments. Two of the fragments, Ishmael and Ahab, entered .Reality and were bizarrely transformed into humans, while the third (who possessed all of his Arkn memories) was left to rot in the Infernous. During this time, Raguel also managed to overhear a crucial bit of information: Legion was indeed experimenting on Arkn and Dekn, in an attempt to create the perfect soldier.


In time, Raguel's final fragment is released from the Infernous by Azrael. Now free from his prison, his purpose realized, he begins the arduous task of reclaiming his lost fragments and reuniting them into a single being, as well as locating the Reality Root – a legendary relic that could aid Legion's plotting – before Legion can claim it. Raguel He manages to locate both Ishamael and Ahab, and attempts to merge with them. However, the merger isn't complete, and though the fragments are joined into one body, they are not fully merged into a single being. This causes Raguel to erupt with rage and frustration.

Battle of the Arknza